What's the company culture at Navy Exchange?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Navy Exchange?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Navy Exchange?

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Anon in Lemoore, California

114 months ago

Here's a warning: don't take a job at the Navy Exchange. The longer you work there, the more you see people that are terrible at their jobs but good at kissing upper management butt get promoted. I don't know if it is like that at every Navy Exchange location, but the Lemoore Exchange certainly condones the practice. I have worked there for quite some time, and earned promotions myself, but the people that get the good money are the ones that are so full of bull it is coming out of their ears.

The pay is not competitive; people are constantly leaving the NEX to work in civil service, where they get paid more and do less. Half of the management are very lazy, and make their lowly-paid associates do all the work, while the management blames them for anything that goes wrong. They run their people ragged, and then get a bonus at the end of the year for how hard they made their people work. Half of the Lemoore NEX staff are looking for a job elsewhere, and there is no hope for improvement on the horizon.

I may seem like a bitter employee, but I'm just telling it like it is. I can only name about 20 people out of 200 employees that love working there, and 3/4 of them are the only people there making real money.

Don't believe me? Go ahead, get a job there. Good luck to you. Maybe you'll be one of those 20 people.

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coqui04 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

63 months ago

I worked there for 9 months (if I can call that 9 months...it was more like 5 or 6) and to summarize it; WORST PLACE TO WORK!! At least that's how it was at the NEX I worked at.
Culture: Rude, Discrimination, Unwelcoming, Being LIED TO.

I applied and was interviewed for a sales clerk position in Garden. I still remember if I was willing to be register trained I said Yes of course to improve my chances of getting hired. Got a call a few days later telling me I was hired. Went to the 2 day Indoc (orientation), got my schedule and I go in for my 1st day. First thing they had me do was of course register training. I asked my manager if I would be doing anything else other than register and was straight up told, "NO you were hired as cashier" I was WT****, beyond angry, they NEVER mentioned I was being interviewed for cashier! (Got lied to right on the spot in the interview!) My co-workers were the worst imaginable...they were rude, unfriendly, unwelcoming, yelling for no reason at the new guy (ME!).
IT GETS WORSE!..When it came to schedules and hours...well they started me with 40 hours for the 1st month (I assume it was all to get me trained) then after that I started getting 10 days off in a row...work 3 or 4 5 hour shifts then get another 2 weeks off in a row <-- (Discrimination right there..I'm hispanic by the way..everybody else was getting their 25 to 40 hours. I asked my manager for more hours at least in 5 different occasions...her response "When we get more hours you'll "get them."" It was like that up until we get to the holiday season where I FINALLY got hours (Nov. & Dec). Holidays were over and that's where the WORSE becomes the WORST NIGHTMARE! I worked New Year's Day & the 2nd...both 4 hour morning shifts. Got 2 weeks off then worked a whole weekend...another 4 hour morning shifts. Then got work the weekend after that (last weekend in Jan). I was out of work until Valentine's Day weekend...yet another 4 hour weekend shifts..Ran out of space

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coqui04 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

63 months ago

As I was saying...I worked the Valentine's Day weekend then got yet another 2 weeks off and the last paid day I actually worked was the 28th. Counting the days I worked in Feb. is a PATHETIC 3 days of work each only 4 hour shifts...totaling ONLY 12 hours for the entire month of Feb. Getting a $20 paycheck is just an absolute JOKE! I called for every week for the next month to see if I was even scheduled to work...got the same answer everytime, NO. I finally go in...it's now near the end of March (25th I believe it was) and I have not had a single day of work since Feb 28th...anyway went in talked to my manager and just quit right in her face!!

THIS WAS THE HAPPIEST DAY IN MY LIFE!!! Since I started the previous year.

So that was my experience...DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT EVER IN YOUR LIFE EVEN BOTHER TO WORK AT THE navy exchange!!

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