Netflix Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Netflix?

Any advice on striking the right note?

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GeekGyrrrl in LA, California

122 months ago

Be positive, smile and be prepared to answer questions that require you to give examples of situations you've been in before. Interview process is not as formal as most, but I advise going dressed for an interview rather than for a walk in the park. You can save that garb for after you get hired.

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tawdryhepburn in Portland, Oregon

95 months ago

I have extensive experience in customer and technical support. My resume and cover letter are excellent, however, I've applied to Netflix 10+ times and have never heard back. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to catch an HR person's eye, or if this is another company posting jobs that do not exist to make their company look better to investors?

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deegurl in Lincoln City, Oregon

87 months ago

Netflix has very different processes when they do an interview, its done is a group setting and you should apply to express personnel services instead of netflix directly. I also had applied to them several times and never heard a word back but Express, employers overload and another temp agency are all hiring for them now too. You are a "Netflix" employee after 45 days of temp employment and during that time you still receive your highest tier netflix subscription for free.

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exflixgrrl in Portland, Oregon

76 months ago

These posts are a little old but since Netflix is doing another heavy round of recruiting maybe this insight might help those looking for jobs.

A) they don't want previous call center experience
B) they frown upon any dissension in the ranks
C) If you have a thought or opinion, keep it to yourself, I have seen scores of coworkers walked out for asking too many questions.
D) Don't plan on making a career out of netflix, CSR's, Supervisors and Managers are on a ticking time bomb. The company is changing from a rental company to one that produces original content e.g. HBO
E) there is so much turn-over at Netflix because they are looking for weak minded individuals who drink the company kool-aid. You are not netflix material, goodbye.

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