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What do you think - will New York Liquidation Bureau grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does New York Liquidation Bureau stack up against the competition?

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JSUM170 in Valley Stream, New York

69 months ago

The bureau is shrinking into nothingness. The executives keep thinking they can cut staff, do the same work and save money. HELLO, are these people stupid?? What happens is the people staying are over worked, and no work gets done. You have the top 3 people in charge of groups called divisions and they do not know anything about what that group does. But of course, they are Assistant Supers and they know everything. The question is if they know everything, then why pay thousands of dollars to outside attorneys, when you have inside attorneys doing nothing? To give a hint, you have a first assistant who is a know it all but does not know anything. Another assistant who knows how to run things but he could not plan anything correctly, an emergency manager that is not present during emergency, and people so old that they are so past retirement but they stay to do no work because they have no there to go. The smart people who are the real workers are leaving to get better jobs. Good for them. Maybe others will get smart too. The people suffereing are those people with insurance claims who cannot get their claims covered because of the constant paper work that is done. Didn't these people realize that we live in a word where we do less with paper. Oh there is one department that has niot downsized, the HR department. A group that refers all HR questions to outsiders because they cannot answer the questions. I can tell you that I am glad I am retired and do not have to deal with this I guess you would call it, a somewhat NY State sudo agency. Lets see if the state of the Feds finally wise up and gets rid of them. Other states do a better job.

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gadncd in Valley Stream, New York

69 months ago

It would seem that this person is not happy with the Bureau or some of the people. All I can say is there are several great people there. They should not be included with a select few not so great people. What the bureau does as a whole is be a protective net for people holding insurance policies of companies that have gone under. It is those people that matters. Hopefully they get taken cared of. I wish the bureau best of luck in the future.

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