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Rose in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

113 months ago

If you are thinking about working at NextGen and are over 40 years of age, forget it. NextGen means exactly what the name states... It may be illegal, but companies get away with age descrimination and NextGen is the leader of the pack.

Trust me! I've tried twice. I have a young name, so I guess they figured I was young. Well, I can't wait until they are a few years older and have to face the same descrimination.

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commentor in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

48 months ago

I have to agree with you about this. I know when I interviewed with Nextgen, they took issue with my age versus my experience. They kept stressing that it would be my first IT job and that if I had several years of experience I could be considered for "senior" position. They do hire those over 40, only if you have many years of experience. Yes, it is illegal, and they allow it to happen like they allow the Indian hiring managers to only hire other Indians and discredit the rest. Have you considered filing a complaint with the EEOC? I don't think they will do anything about this unless the EEOC investigates this. It violates Federal law to discriminate against those over the age of 40 and I think you should file a complaint. They will continue to do what they do unless you file a complaint. It is also against Federal law for them to have any recourse against you for claiming discrimination.

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inaddition in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

48 months ago

I noticed back in 2010 someone sued Nextgen for age discrimination but do not know the outcome. I wouldn't go through that drama but if you feel like you have been discriminated against here, you need to report it to the EEOC and have them investigate it. There is other forms of discrimination that occur there. I know the Indian management will try and discredit certain individuals by bombing them with questions they know they would not know and have nothing to do with the position. They also have unrealistic expectations about how much one retained in college. This is all just an effort to prove their dominance and superiority which they know is not the case. As I said though, if you feel you have been discriminated against, and I know that they don't really care about discrimination that occurs, you should have them investigated and see if the EEOC will directly have recourse against them.

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EEOC link in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

47 months ago

If you think that you may have been discriminated by Nextgen Healthcare or any other company because of your age or for any other reason (race, ethnicity, religion, etc.) as defined by a discrimination law, you can file a charge against them at

As I stated, they have already been sued for this recently and can only get away with it if you allow them to.

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realistically though in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

46 months ago

Age discrimination within the tech industry is not unusual. This may be due to the fact that in volatile industries like IT, there is a preference toward younger candidates. Another issue is that for some people think that if you grew up with the Internet, you are somehow more tech savvy. I have been in classes with younger candidates who either had issues passing the particular course and are retaking it or just drop out of computer science all together.

One primary issue is the fact that they let the teams dictate who they want to work with and it is almost certainly someone like themselves. If they are younger, they want to hire younger. If they are of a certain ethnic background, they like to hire someone of the same ethnic background. They may not realize what they are doing violates Federal law if you hire someone 22 over someone over 40 because of their age or hire someone over someone else due to their ethnicity and that should be reported. Nextgen has team based interviews and that can leave people feeling that they will not be hired if the team members are young or mostly the same ethnicity, that is at least what I experienced. Leadership needs to step up and say, "this is who is going to be hired because they are the most qualified" so it is the leadership that is primarily at fault for allowing the behavior to continue. An EOE slogan after every ad does not change behavior but action by those affected does so don't let it go unreported and report it here:

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