Inside the Lines ( Working At Nike Clinton Mall, CT)

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Billy Rubina in Meriden, Connecticut

121 months ago

I would rate the company in 5 open Categories. Pick the one(s) MORE relevant to you. Then, TRY CROSSING-REFERENCES (Meaning: Compare what I said against what you got. The true would be right in the middle)

I worked at Nike, Clinton CT for about a year. My title was Shipping & Receiving Specialist

Nike is a 5 starts company at:
- Best written booklets I had comes across. ea: The Small Book.
- The "Nine Maxims": Mission & Vision of the company.
- Its Diversity Statement: " Don't look for the things that make us different. Look for the things that make us better"
- You are a Full Time employee if you work 33 hours/week.
-Vacation are 6 hour every week (My best guess)
- 1 Hour Lunch.

Nike is still a 3 starts company at:
- Employer Discount(35% off) (Tip: You'd be better off checking your paycheck BEFORE passing on any judgment)
-It was Fun. worked with one's funnies guys i had

Nike is just ONE start company at:
- 1 or 2 full truck EVERY DAY loaded with merchandise!...but there is not enough room to leave them.(Big problem) You still have to unload by hand. Not belt or track so your back doesn't get hurt by such a demanding tack.

- 9.50 by hour ( If you have as much experience as i do)
- Managers DO NOT PLAY BY THE RULES. e.a: They know who is buying & selling on Ebay and sometimes they do it them self.
-The stockroom manager DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT warehousing. So the stockroom is a real mess- Literally.(Even the new one).

-Anyone could go to the stockroom and change things around without update the system or ask to the "Shipping & Receiving Specialist"( You)
- Poor Teamwork. Specially when it comes to unload a truck. (Everybody "got' busy)
- No enough associates working FULL TIME on the stockroom.

In conclusion I wouldn't mind to work at Nike again but the rules "Inside the Line" has to be follow or change. A full truck everyday could be fine as long as 2 or 3 different teams take care of the tack. A team/week.

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