OLD NAVY Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at OLD NAVY?

What do you like best about working at OLD NAVY? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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Megha in Sewaren, New Jersey

91 months ago

Whats the salary?

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Crystal in Woodstown, New Jersey

89 months ago

I have worked at Old Navy for about 3 years now. I can say that it is a very good job, with plenty of room for growth. I started as an Associate and was quickly promoted to Logistics Supervisor within a year of working there. I would say the average salary for an associate is about $8 and hour, and about $30,000 a year for a supervisor. There are bonuses when you meet sales goals and things like that, and the benefits for a full time position are pretty good. There aren't really any travel requirements besides going to the occasional meeting at another store. The only downside is the schedule. Because it's retail, you work weekends and your monthly schedule is pretty random. Other than that it is a good place, the atmosphere is very relaxed and it can be a fun place to work.

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Lori in Oakland, California

87 months ago

Well, Old Navy is one of the most horrible places you could ever work. First of all they do not pay you well, take advantage of you phisically, the schedules are all messed up,they never pay att. to your availability and tread you like a DOG. Their costumers, corporate and management team are extremely rude, uneducated people. They give you appr. 32 cents raise every year. It's impossible to make them happy even if you work yourself to the ground. It's just unbelivable. I call it OLD SLAVY.

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Doris in Albuquerque, New Mexico

84 months ago

Does anyone know what to expect as far as a starting salary for a Customer Experience Manager? The job description posted on the website is quite lengthy and am curious if this is one of those supervisory jobs which is entry level.

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mike in Middletown, Connecticut

80 months ago

i agree old navy is one of the worst places u could ever work i really hated because the hours are always messed ... even for a part time job we still deserve aschduel of at least 25 hours every week and im on the logistics team this past week i had 16 hours people have bills to pay and places to go 11.00 an hour isnt enough If u want a good job with a good logistics team apply sportsauthority 11.50 starting pay dont let them tell you differnt only thing is u must b 18 6am to 2pm monday threw thursday then if u want u can work as a sales assosiate for more hours hope this was helpful

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Danielle in Aurora, Colorado

77 months ago

I have been working at old navy going on 7 months! I love it the people are great! Yeah the hours are a bit crazy sometimes and 7.50 is not a great hourly pay rate but i love it. You get major discounts on clothes and even working there you can get a gum membership discount for 24 hour fitness. And if you have verison you get 20% of your phone bill. You do however have to sign up for them by talking to you manager but they are great. We also help and volunteer with the community and gap,inc matches whatever we do. They are very giving and know how to higher the right management. I also believe every june there is a pay raise. Although i am not sure about how much it is.

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tiffany43 in Marietta, Georgia

71 months ago

I love my job. They hired me in at 8.50 because my interview went well. They stick to my schedule and I love everyone I work with. Our store was #1 last week. I love it.

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Callie Huska in Phoenix, Arizona

66 months ago

I've worked at Old Navy for over a year now, and I love my job! I started as a sales associate and made my way up to a pricing specialist! I also have bills to pay and I have never had an issue! It's a fun environment for a first job or a career- they pay well and respect my schedule! I can see myself working here for a very long time.

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Anon in Newport News, Virginia

30 months ago

I hate my job; the managers are so mean there. I have literally left work in tears before because they get down right nasty. I went several weeks without getting paid, and even though I have been asking for help for a month or so with Gap Portal, they have never time to help. I work about 8 hours a week (2 shifts), and they're constantly being cut because of the lack of hours. If you want money, don't bother working here.

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Sharon in Commack, New York

22 months ago

I think it all depends on the store. I like my job a lot!

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Ali916 in Elk Grove, California

18 months ago

I like the Job a lot, I started off as a seasonal Logistics associate making 9 dollars an hour, but they decided to keep me as a permanent worker. I will agree though they do work you very hard and sometimes don't show you that they appreciate although that's not always the case. You really get rewarded with hours, my schedule has been random, but I'm happy with this job overall, they give you discounts and my managers bring food, doughnuts and pizza every once in a while, especially on holidays.

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