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Tom in Albuquerque, New Mexico

101 months ago

Has anyone had a phone interview with Office Max and If so can you give me any ideas of what to expect and what might have worked for you?

Are you an Office Max employee and if so what is it like workingb at Office max. Is management concerned about the employees do you work in a friendly environment or a hostile one? Any other thoughts on Office Max?

Thanks in advance


Michael75065 in Franklin, Tennessee

100 months ago

Dear tom,

I had experience and call the store up and talked to the General Manager and he looked over my resume and cover letter and he liked what he saw and called me. Netork and follow-up or call before you send your resume and its working for me.

Michael75065 in Franklin, Tennessee

100 months ago

Michael75065 said:
Dear tom,

I had experience and call the store up and talked to the General Manager and he looked over my resume and cover letter and he liked what he saw and called me. Network and follow-up or call before you send your resume and its working for me.

Sue in Medinah, Illinois

100 months ago

I have never worked for them but have gone through the interview process with them at their coporate offices.

The were very thorough and professional through the time I interviewed. I spent an entire day with them interviewing over a month ago and no one has bothered to get back to me even after I followed up via email.

Bottom line, don't expect any feedback!

Tom in Albuquerque, New Mexico

100 months ago

Thanks for the info. As an interesting point, my initial interview was scheduled to be a phone interview. The interviewer never called and I have spent the last 6 days leaving messages and still don't have a response.

You're not the only one who doesn't get feedback.

Jeremiah Knox in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

98 months ago

I went through the training and arrived for my first day of work on Thursday, April 12, 2007 15 minutes early.

Before I could even start working my supervisor and manager were in the hallway talking and looked up at me 3 times.

They said for me to remove my hat.

I was called into the office and was informed it wasn’t going to work out.

Note I didn’t even begin a full first day of work yet for them to have an evaluation.

Also no 90-day probation period was observed.

Moments after removing my hat I was asked to leave and that I was not going to work out.

I had just moved to Lancaster, PA from Hanover, PA based on having this job that I was told was mine.

I was given praise during the application period.

I also passed the drug testing.

Now I am without this job and it is because I have a surgery mark on my left side of my head.

What can I do?

I want to fight this the whole way as they treated me unfairly.

Jeremiah Knox

Available For Work Now in Orlando, Florida

95 months ago

I accepted a position with Office Max and resigned after a week. I can only speak for my experience with OfficeMax in central FLorida. First, the environment is horrible. Our offices for business to business sales reps were in the stock rooms. Our office for the store we supported was full of mold. Mold everywhere. The desks were broken and the lights did not work. Water dripped inside the office area everytime the air conditioner was turned on. And to top of the office space, the rooms were freezing cold. As a business to business rep the role generally is not inside the store; except this manager wanted reps at there desk everyday making phone calls in the morning and for 4 hours and then returning in the afternnon to make more calls and complete daily reports....There was no field rep training per se for the Business to Business reps. We were thrown into the general training where employees were introduced to the store procedures. First: make sure you interview inside the store where you will be working. If offered a position; make certain that you tour the store inside and out; front and back and interview causally different people from different departments so you know exactly what you are getting into. My experince was awful and management was awful as well.

Tom in Albuquerque, New Mexico said: Has anyone had a phone interview with Office Max and If so can you give me any ideas of what to expect and what might have worked for you?

Are you an Office Max employee and if so what is it like workingb at Office max. Is management concerned about the employees do you work in a friendly environment or a hostile one? Any other thoughts on Office Max?

Thanks in advance


Karen Jean in Las Vegas, Nevada

94 months ago

Jeremiah Knox in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania said: I went through the training and arrived for my first day of work on Thursday, April 12, 2007 15 minutes early....

Jeremiah Knox

Be really glad you didn't end up working for this company from hell. They don't respect their employees, work them like dogs and if they try and make things better, they're forced out in one way or another. At least that's how it is in Las Vegas Distribution Center. Now they're trying to keep unions out because they don't want anyone telling them that their employees aren't slaves! Amazingly horrible, ugly company!!! You're lucky they didn't want you!!!

Michael Ladd in Franklin, Tennessee

94 months ago

Dear Keren,

Sad the coroprate world this way. I recommend if people can do it is start there own business.

This one of the reason the United state living of standards and goverment is falling about we have no leader ship in business or the goverment.

How hard is it to treat people with dignity.

It'simple. Lost me.

Michael from Nashville TN,

Available For Work Now in Orlando, Florida

94 months ago

Hi Michael:

The events that i and many others experienced through poor management and lack of reasonable resources to perform our jobs sucessfully is exactly why many start there own businesses. I know that I would very much enjoy the opportunity; however, I currently struggle with whether to pay my mortgage or do without groceries. Do I use air condition in my home or forgo healthcare. If you apply the Maslow theory about individual actions/behaviors are driven by fulfillment of ones' heirarchy of needs .... then will be quite a while before I can think of starting a business. I certainly have the business acumen...but not the cashflow! I am still focused on whether to keep a roof over my head versus food in my belly and do I suffer through days with 100 degrees plus tempatures versus do I buy healthcare. Just in case you wonder what I did do.... I have no healthcare ( I am 1 of those 50 million Michael Moore talks about in 'Sicko'). I also decided to do without air conditioning...yes I swelter in 100 plus temps... and I clip coupons to buy groceries....So I did pay the mortgage .... Still looking for that opportunity where I can use my professional experience and earn a compensation that is comensurate with what I deliver...To find where my job went; maybe I need to learn how to speak hindi and move to India ( NOT!!!)... Good Luck and you will have to tell me about your new business start-up experiences..

Pookie in Amarillo, Texas

93 months ago

I was called in for an interview after completing an online application. I was told to be at Office Max at around 12:00 to 12:30. I showed up for the interview at 12:05, and the person who was resposible for interviewing me was gone to lunch. I drove awhile and came back at 1:00. I was offered a part time sales position; however, I wanted something more substantial. This guy told me with all of my years in retail, customer service, and managing different departments certainly made me a possible fit for the logistics supervisor. Because of the back to school ad, the store manager was busy. The interviewer said the store manager would like to talk with me the next day. I show back up the next day and within ten minutes time I'm told I am not qualified. I have nineteen years of retail and customer service experience. I have ran three different departments in a large grocery chain; cosequently, all have been some form of merchandising. I know how to use order guns, keep inventory levels low, build displays etc. I am very fast at stocking merchandise and have always been praised for the jobs I have done. I have forty college credit hours, so I am able to learn new things and retain the information. I guess if I had said I would accept $6.00 per hour I would have gotten the job, but a person has to live. I think stocking paper and post it notes would stink anyway, so Mr. Brad at the Amarillo location can go to wherever!

Mad Mad in florida, Florida

84 months ago

OfficeMax News and Gossip

YOU WILL HEAR FROM PEOPLE THERE WHO IS ALSO WORKING FOR OFFICE MAX .................................................

christopher bryant in San Antonio, Texas

80 months ago

thank you if if i get the job

carefulwhatyousay in Orange, Connecticut

73 months ago

I work for omax and well, the management staff is not chosen for intelligence. The manager I have actually came by my department and said i need to use the office here for an interview. God it's a waste of my time though and when I asked why she called him in after having a phone interview, her response was," I can't see what he looks like over the phone".
Basically stating that he was not getting hired based solely on his appearance. No he wasn't drop dead gorgeous and he was dressed appropriately. It made me sick to my stomache. And yes, she is friends with all of corporate folks. so no one disciplines her.

Arnaldo De Jesus in Virginia Beach, Virginia

73 months ago

I have applied at Office Max MANY times!! and never get called for an interview..anybody know what's up with that?? I apply for positions that are posted on the website...even for the so called "urgent need" positions..never hear from them..not even an email besides the auto reply.

Does anybody know how to get in?

mllepink in Las Cruces, New Mexico

68 months ago

I applied at Office Max about a month before I got a callback. They called and wanted to set up an interview for the following day. The interview went really well; they asked about personal experiences more than what I believed to be qualifications I had - all that is on the application and resume. By the end of the week they called me in for a drug test and paperwork. After passing all of that, they called me to ask me to join the team. I start tomorrow. So far I can say that OfficeMax seems to be a great place to work! I am really excited about starting!

stell in Cleveland, Ohio

58 months ago

has anyone worked in the impress department? whats it like? also, do part-timers get employee discounts? i just got hired, but have not started yet, just wondering...thanks

mllepink in Las Cruces, New Mexico

54 months ago

I wanted to provide an update to you guys. I posted 13 months ago about starting at OfficeMax. I was really excited and whatnot... let's just say "JUST KIDDING!"

This place reeks of monotony and lack of training. They throw you on the floor and expect you to learn as you go - fine and dandy except when you're forced to sell products you don't know how to operate well.

One good thing is they just started offering raises.

Otherwise, not recommended.

Also, I wanted to respond to you about ImPress. I've been trained in all areas including ImPress. It takes some work and effort to learn the ropes (this coming from somebody who didn't even know how to use a fax machine before starting at OfficeMax... lol!) but once you get the hang of it, it's like a cake walk... slack-off central, honestly.

carefulwhatyousay in Orange, California

54 months ago

i've worked for OfficeMax for over 3 years. I have learned all of ImPress and am now getting trained in retail. Officemax is one of the very few employers offerring merit raises right now. Definitely, if you are looking for steady work and are fine with being a cashier, Officemax is the place to go. Being thrown to the wolves does have its benefits though, you are forced to learn on your own. There is nothing wrong with doing your own research on the products you sell. Before you know it, you know more than your ASM. That is a good feeling. Good luck!

overtired in Twin Falls, Idaho

54 months ago

I've worked for Office Max for two years; believe me when I say it is HELL! There are new employees every couple of months and I'm still the lowest paid employee in the store. I have been working in Impress for a year and have been running it with only one other person to help me and when the management position became available for Impress, they gave it to a guy who has quite and come back three times, a guy who can't even manage two customers at a time let alone the normal dozen or so we have to handle back there without help. On top of it, all the mangers think they can keep you there as late as they want at night, and the store manager seems to never leave his office. It seems he always has his feet up on the desk while he is making personal phone calls and chewing Tabaco. It’s not always this bad, but man it feels like it all the time. On top of it Impress associates have to clean the bathroom and make the clearance wall shine and do all the jobs in Impress. The company overall just sucks and if you are thinking about applying - DON'T it is a waste of time and your life (if you want to be happy at your job).

mllepink in Las Cruces, New Mexico

38 months ago

I've been working at OfficeMax for two and a half years now.

For those of you curious about the nature of the job, look no further.

This place is heaven for some and hell for others. If you enjoy talking to customers and meeting minor sales quotas, you'll be just fine. The work is a little repetitive, but it's not hard work. You're expected to make small sales goals (such as two reams of paper at the register per hour and a certain dollar amount in protection plans on technology and furniture). Really, though -- if you just ask if the customer would like any of these items, you'll usually make your quota. You'll be expected to do sales, cashiering, stocking freight, cleaning and cross-training (doing weekly signage or learning ImPress -- the copy center). I can only speak for my store personally, but the people I work with are truly delightful. I enjoy my crew, and it makes me look forward to going to work every day.

I am of the mind that anybody will complain about any job because that is just how people are. Truly, though, I don't think OfficeMax is that bad. Plus, they do merit raises every October, which not many companies can brag about. There are lots of experiences to be had at OfficeMax.

Take care!

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