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Shelly in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 126 months ago

Office Team in Memphis - 3 Replies

I hate to hear of the bad experiences everyone has had with Office Team, but the one in Memphis, TN is very helpful. I had better work experiences...

Skipper in Forest Hills, New York

Fake job ads in Washington Post

Hello. It is well known that companies, for competitive reasons post fake ads asking for bogus personel. I am in this business and I know it is...

Angelique Moonlight in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 126 months ago

Recruiters in Las Vegas, NV - 1 Reply

Hi, I will be relocating to vegas and trying to find a recruiter. I am a senior accountant with almost 10 years of experience. I have been checking...

Mig Martinez in Miami, Florida

My experience with Office Team

Office Team is a subsidiary of Robert Half International. A few years ago I was hired to work with them as an internal employee - I left after one...

fed-up with agencies in Denver, Colorado

frustrating when you know more than they do

you send the online resume, of which they don't read and you have to re-do once you are there - then once there (on the pretense of the pre-screen...

yes indeed

Updated 127 months ago

Office Team - 10 Replies

Office Team contacted me via email. I called Office Team. I told them that I was returning a phonecall from so and so. I was put on hold. The line...

tenacious in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Updated 127 months ago

Officeteam - 5 Replies

For the record, I think Officeteam is fantastic. Especially the Davenport office. They are all friendly and helpful and extremely professional. I...

hoodenne in Chesterfield, Missouri

Updated 127 months ago

Fake want ads - 2 Replies

Law firm admits encouraging companies to put fake want ads on job boards like Monster, etc.:

jonny in Rancho Cordova, California

Updated 127 months ago



Janice in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 127 months ago

You - 6 Replies

There are resources you can tap into yourself to find jobs. You will end up getting higher pay and a better job than you would through office...

Mike in Denver, Colorado

Updated 127 months ago

Robert Half Intl. isn't even a MEMBER of the Denver, CO BBB! - 1 Reply

BBB Reliability Report The Better Business Bureau® Serving the Metro Area of Denver/Boulder 1020 Cherokee St. P.O. Box 48179 Denver, CO...

Elaine in Des Moines, Iowa

Updated 128 months ago

THIS CO IS A JOKE - U CAN DO BETTER ON YOUR OWN - 8 Replies know what they are? Salespeople. Liars. They run fake job ads in the paper to get desperate, unemployed people to come in and...

essence j in Dallas, Texas

OfficeTeam is sooo shady....

The Dallas Galleria office is very shady. I have great test scores (all 90% & above) and they cannot seem to place you on assignments. They are...

lady t in Piedmont, South Carolina

Updated 128 months ago

Office team - 4 Replies

I think office team is also predjudice. They awlways say you don't have enough experiance for any of thier jobs.

Use reference checks on yourself first! in Denver, Colorado

Updated 128 months ago

References - 11 Replies

I have taken my tests (100%), have my references 7. THey have called 6 of them (ALL positive), but the one from my most recent employer, is...

Linda Robinson in Farmersburg, Indiana


I have been looking for a position in the clerical field since February. I have filled out job locators site and found them to be not helpful at...

Disappointed in Bellwood, Illinois

OfficeTeam (Illinois, chicago)

Office team is horrible. There receptionist screen the calls and put you in voicemail. The falsely advertised through out the internet - the...


Updated 130 months ago

The Culture of Office Team - 1 Reply

I don't know how they have stayed in business this long - There must be a "secret" to actually getting an assignment. The person in charge of the...

Office Team -- Have a Complaint? in Denver, Colorado

Complaint about Office Team?

Go to this link: - OR - If your complaint involves FALSE ADVERTISING, CONTACT THE ATTY....

Denali in Denver, Colorado

EEOC - filing complaint

So if the EEOC determines your complaint is legitimate, what then? Is the company "forced" to hire you or what?

Missy in Denver, Colorado

Anyone have problems with LAKESHORE staffing?

Lakeshore Staffing in Englewood, CO. I think they may be discriminating on age basis. Anyone have any information on them? They always say that the...

ramazzotti in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Has anybody ever worked at MACY'S ? Tell me your experience and comments about it. I have been thinking to apply for a sales associate position,but...

Aware in Norcross, Georgia

Lying about jobs they actually have!

They do that just to get you in the door, just in case they get a position that pays crap and 1 out of 100 will get it! They also take the word of...

Can someone say "Boycott" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 130 months ago

OfficeTeam Sucks! - 3 Replies

I hate OfficeTeam! The only jobs they have available are $9 hr working for lame ass companies. I was lined up for a job, then I thought I should...

Linda418 in San Francisco, California

Office Team

office team is one of the worst agencies I have ever been with. They had found me jobs in the past and kept me working after an assignment had...

anonymous in Atlanta, Georgia

How do they keep posting jobs?

If the company's so bad; how do they keep getting jobs to post?

Maria Primavera in New Hyde Park, New York

Updated 131 months ago


America doesnt make anything anymore. Manufacturing is gone. Customer service is now based in India. Isnt it time that we change our laws to...

Cindy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


I can't believe the unprofessional people I have ran into at this agency. They don't care about you, they care about placing you in companies to...

Josie in Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 131 months ago

Office team - 11 Replies

I think office team is one of the worst Agencies ever. They pay bad wages and they talk down to you. If you dont say you can work for them whether or...

Still Strong in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

Updated 131 months ago

Office Team and References - 3 Replies

I worked a part time position for Office Team for five months, then the assignment ended. When I contacted my recruiter, for a reference, she told...

JACQUE in Dallas, Texas


I was called at 5:30pm to go to a "Data Entry" assignment the next morning at a downtown Dallas company. When I arrived, no one knew why I was...

me in Richardson, Texas

Updated 132 months ago

Office Team Is horrible - 6 Replies

I was placed in a company that was run by a verbally abusive, obnoxious, rude and substance abusing person. They knew the environment was not...

No Wonder in Pleasanton, California

Updated 132 months ago

A Person Never responds - 3 Replies

I have applied for 30 jobs at through this agency and no one had ever called me by phone. I have called them numerous times and has been left on...

Leigh in Richardson, Texas

Updated 133 months ago

Tss Personel AGecny - 1 Reply

For those of you job seekers who are seeking a job in San Francisco, I like to tell you to stay away from this agency. This agency just notice me on...

anon in Plainfield, Illinois

Churning and burning

Has anyone else noticed how often this company replaces their staffing managers? It looks like the poor unsuspecting candidates aren't the only ones...

anonymous in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 133 months ago

Waist of Time to Contact Them or Register - Fake Job Listings - 1 Reply

I registered at their houston location, paid for parking, spent my time registering and going over my job requirements, etc. I called them everyday...

anonymous in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 133 months ago

Just another piece of crap recruiting company. - 1 Reply

Just another piece of crap recruiting company. I wish had some kind of filter that could be turned on to knock out ads by these clowns.

anonymous in Richardson, Texas

Updated 133 months ago

How to get a job at OfficeTeam. - 5 Replies

Do you work at OfficeTeam? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Hidi in Los Angeles, California

Mk adam

MK Adam Bruce Phillips agency is the worst agency to apply for a job. He is rude and when things go wrong, he will not respond to your phone calls....

Margaret Fong in Novato, California

What is wrong with OfficeTeam

I have been registered with OfficeTeam since Oct. 2005 and after I finished a filing project for them, the division director called me telling me...

Anonymous in Plainfield, Illinois

Updated 133 months ago

What's the company culture at OfficeTeam? - 2 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at OfficeTeam? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...

Small Town near Big Town in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

Updated 133 months ago

Office Team - 1 Reply

I have been registered w/ them for awhile. They are always so interested during the interview but they don't call, my recruiter, Ivan doesn't answer...

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