My OfficeTeam Experience

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rkn in Boonton, New Jersey

58 months ago

First off, I am not a recruiting manager at OfficeTeam.

Instead of the usually criticism and hate messages people post about OfficeTeam, here is my experience. I graduated from college last year (which tells you a little about my age). I had a full-time permanent job but not anymore, which is why I took a look at OfficeTeam. I posted my resume on their website and 3 days later, I got a call to come into their office for an interview. The interview consisted of two parts: the computer-based testing (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) and a Q&A.

OfficeTeam says they have 4 million registered users in their nationwide database. Assuming the numbers are accurate, what does that mean for job-seekers like you & me? It means that if you are not proactive, you will not catch any fish. OfficeTeam recruiters do not work for job-seekers. There's an oversupply of us out there. Do not expect an OfficeTeam recruiter to call you even if they find a perfect fit for you because they will not remember you. You have to check their website for listings, which come and go constantly. I had my eye on 4 job listings on their website when I went into their office. The posting dates were about two weeks old. 3 of the postings were gone by the time I asked. I got lucky with the 4th posting; I am interviewing directly with OfficeTeam's client tomorrow.

Were there fake job postings? I'm not sure. It'd be unethical for temporary staffing firms to do that, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. To combat that issue, I purposely gave references to the OfficeTeam interviewer of past managers who have been laid off. After all, the recruiter cannot turn around and ask my former managers for "new business" since they are no longer with the firm.

OfficeTeam is not for everyone. $10-12 per hour is definitely not lucrative work. But if you're young and temporarily out of work, you can use OfficeTeam to fill the gaps in your career until you find something more stable or permanent in the future.

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cyberaim123 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

38 months ago

You were a perfect candidate because you are young with not a lot of experience. They purposely mark you if you are older. They look for young workers, and while you are right about taking the "temp" jobs while you are looking for a "real" job, many are not even considered at all.

I tell people to "shop" these agencies on purpose, why work for one you know has an unhealthy and inexperienced staff? There are smaller companies out there that are working hard to make it. Some of them started these agencies on their own and seemed to be more experienced at placement and jobs then the bigger farming type agencies. Expect to be paid lower at first, but as you help them build their company, and if you are sent out successfully to their clients w/good feedback, you will get more. Also, use these temp positions to investigate the company a little. Find out what positions they are hiring internally and the working environment as well. You create good relations in some of these "temp" positions too. Those contacts are so very important.

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