Officeteam treats "qaulified" people well.

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Mertdawg in Santa Barbara, California

91 months ago

I've gotten two jobs in the last two years from two different branches. The one in San Diego, CA and in Santa Barbara, CA. These people have been nothing but professional and really knew what they were doing. I was sent out to a couple "test" jobs to see how I do. Once they got feedback that I rocked, they sent me to a "high-end" client. The client loved me so much, they agreed to purchase my talents off Officeteam. I'm currently doing another job for a client in Santa Barbara which is pretty nice.

For all of you that had bad experiences, maybe they didn't pay attention to you because you didn't show any promise. There are ways to screen people and you just failed. If you can do so much better, then maybe you should go and find a job yourself... oh wait.. you can't, so that's why you went to Officeteam. Well if that's the case, then what are you expecting more? If you go to Officeteam knowing you're talented, that's a different story.

I've had good experiences with them. Maybe it's just a California thing?

I would recommend Officeteam and I do. They pay me on time every time and the amount we agreed upon.

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sean dublin in Spring Hill, Florida

78 months ago

Funny OT has an office in Santa Barbara.

I have mixed feelings about them. Twice they gave me incorrect information on the rate of pay and then lied about it.

Another time they forgot to tell me an assignment had been pushed back a week. I showed up and the client said we delayed the start date a week, OT forgot to tell me.

I had a few good assignments, including one that lasted 9 months. But that is because I act like a professional and do a good job. OT was lucky to have me.

But they're not the most professional and their offices are staffed by 20 somethings who don't know their a** from a hole in the ground, and have a high rate of turnover. I was on an assignment and I called my rep and found out he was let go, guess he didn't make those sale quotas.

It is like they're playing office in a high school play.

But you know that already as you are one of them. :)

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