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Copywriter in Denver, Colorado

29 months ago

I should add that I would definitely recommend them to people who are new to the area and just getting started on their job search. They will work hard to find you something well-paying...just make sure it's a good fit for what you want. Just go on knowing exactly what you want...

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CJ in Haddonfield, New Jersey

26 months ago

Rob in Denver, Colorado said: Their jobs are BOGUS TOO! I've sent my resume and am highly qualified as a website designer . They never ONCE called me about one assignment of which I had ALL the qualifications! I probably (wasted my timme) applied to about 20 jobsw so far. I don't waste my time anymore just so they CAN COLLECT RESUMES!!!

I do agree, that's why I googled this question just to see if anyone else felt the same way and had the same response (no response) from them. I have posted my resume to enough positions with them and had placed some follow up calls to introduce myself further and ... nothing. Absolutly NO RESPONSE... ever! From here on I will never post to any position again with The Creative Group - a complete waste of time. Agencies should work for you, with you and at least acknowledge you when you are completely qualified for these positions not ignore you.

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craig035 in Boston, Massachusetts

26 months ago

It seems like the people I talk to in recruiting agencies are mostly kids - clueless recent college grads doing a summer internship and cold calling between their facebooking and tweeting.

It's annoying to feel that some child has a direct influence on my financial well being. I doubt they have any idea or actually care that they can negatively affect people's lives with their stupidity.

I wish employers would wise up and do their own recruiting.

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Cecelia in New York, New York

26 months ago

Have had horrible experiences with their Manhattan offices, which has had a spectacular turnover (five "bookers" handling jobs in my field during the last twelve months). While I am frequently placed by other agencies I have yet to meet anyone on the job who has ever been placed through the Creative Group.

And I am SO tired of Ashley Westbrook contacting me about "opportunities" and then ducking my phone calls and e-mails. It's rude and she's a fool.

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Najee12 in Shelby, North Carolina

24 months ago

You should not waste your time with this company. I registered with this company in Charlotte, N.C., more than a year ago and I have yet to hear from them on positions for which I am more than qualified (I have more than 18 years of professional experience in design and presentation, journalism, sales and marketing).

It is the classic recruiting scam. You submit a resume and then someone calls you to drive to downtown Charlotte for an appointment. Here's how the appointment went:

10:10 AM: parked my car in parking deck
10:20 AM: got to office
10:30 AM: appointment time
10:40 AM: was taken by receptionist to room to fill out/review/sign off on paperwork previously completed in office in 2012
10:48 AM: completed paperwork
10:48 AM - 11:10 AM: waited alone in meeting room
11:10 AM: recruiter arrived
11:10 AM - 11:20 AM: reviewed resume and goals
11:30 AM: back in car

The "recruiter" Amy was fixated on my newspaper experience from several jobs ago; she kept saying "We don't usually don't get calls from employers in the journalism field." She continually ignored that I had not worked with a newspaper in nearly a decade. She continually asked pre-screened questions and questioned my experience to the point of being nearly insulting. Moreover, when I asked her questions about her background it was very clear she was very inexperienced (a look at her LinkedIn account revealed that prior to working for Robert Half she worked previously as a box office manager for a theater and as a production assistant for another theater -- likely as college internships).

In addition to the wait time, the company doesn't validate for parking. As someone who was unemployed and looking for work, having to pay for parking is a huge problem. I ended up having to pay $15...which for a 10 minute interview was rather disheartening.

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Jim S in Trenton, New Jersey

24 months ago

I can't speak to the truth of what others have written here, but I can tell you my truth. Thanks to Robert Half I have a very good full-time job now. They got me in as a temp, and in 3 months I was hired.

So if you're looking for work, these people CAN help you. Maybe they WON'T, but they CAN. In which case--what have you got to lose?

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cdono in Matawan, New Jersey

16 months ago

I registered with TCG in NJ last year. I have applied for numerous positions that I was fully qualified for. Most of the time, I receive no response; on those rare occasions where I do get a call back, the job description mysteriously changes and I am no longer qualified. They play a game of bait & switch. I have had one in-person and three phone meet and greet interviews with them, and nothing ever happens. THIS IS A SCAM! I don't know if the account reps have quotas or if they are using resumes to get listings, but they sure as hell are not looking to get you a job. Stay away from this company.

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Creative in Absecon, New Jersey

14 months ago

With all due respect, my experience with The Creative Group in Philadelphia has been a huge disappointment and a waste of time. My first representative was nearly impossible to get in touch with. All calls went to voicemail and were never returned. Months after I had given up on them, I received an email informing me that my first representative was no longer with the company and that the person sending the email would be contacting me. At first it gave me some false hope that maybe the first person was just an isolated bad experience and that this new person would be different. He wasn't. It was the same drill, all calls go to voicemail, and no return calls. I really had hoped TCG would be what they promised they would be, but instead have found they are not only not what they promised, but unprofessional and lack any common courtesy.

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Internet Artisan in Chicago, Illinois

14 months ago

I'd tell any of you to take staffing/recruiting companies with a grain of salt.

For the last few years, I'd get plenty if emails on LinkedIn from recruiters, looking to see if I'm job-hunting. I'd respond "no" and let them know I'd hit them up if anything changes. Recently I now started job hunting again, figuring I'd hit up all those contacts...but pretty much ALL of them have left recruiting and taken new jobs elsewhere. What does that tell you?

I'm finding that it can't hurt to hit up a few recruiters in the hopes for leads, but you can clearly see these companies hire many "green" people hardbent to make those commissions, and with the hell of trying to get companies to go from "seeking" to "hiring", it's no shock many of these recruiters move on to other jobs.

Also, I'm noticing many companies who rely on recruitment agencies seemingly have crappy openings and horrible culture. They are mainly agencies who double as underpaying white collar sweatshops, and have a bad enough rep that normal job postings won't bring them quality applicants.

As I said, take recruiters with a grain of salt. Don't completely rely on them, and never sign any exclusivity agreements...even if it means they won't work with you. They still need you more than you need them.

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Creative Professional in Watertown, Massachusetts

7 months ago

I recently was contacted by TCG and I found them through craigslist. However, I had some experience with them previously. They used to reject me for a couple years until I got some decent experience in my field.

I never had any good experience with any staffing agency and it's to the point where I am staying away from them.

My biggest question, is the contract/forms that I have to sign to release my info to them. I never had this! Never in the other agencies that I had to sign these forms to give them my resume... I just sent it to them.

The abritration agreement in the beginning is quite scary... glad there's an 'opt-out' option, but that a lone is a huge turn off.

Has anyone have any problems with a contract? I'm always nervous signing a middle-man contract that's not the client because of hidden things.

I'm thinking of cancelling the meeting after reading this thread and saving myself further disappointment. Never had good success despite my skills fitting the job description...

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gulag in Norristown, Pennsylvania

7 months ago

Creative Professional in Watertown, Massachusetts said: I recently was contacted by TCG and I found them through craigslist. ... The abritration agreement in the beginning is quite scary... glad there's an 'opt-out' option, but that a lone is a huge turn off.

I have never actually registered with The Creative Group, so you can take what I have to say with a huge pile of salt. My only contact with them, many years ago, was to apply for a particular online job listing they had posted. When I heard back from TCG, they made no reference to the specific job I'd applied to, as if they were just looking to add me to their pool of candidates.
I had anything further to do with them, so I can't speak specifically to how the arbitration clause plays out if you're working for TCG.
However, I was at one time signed up with OfficeTeam (another part of Robert Half) to take clerical assignments, and they also presented me with paperwork with the arbitration clause. With great reluctance, I signed it, but only because I was afraid that, if I didn't, I would never get any work through them. (Mind you, nobody at their office told me that it would work that way.)
I can also tell you that, within a matter of months, I found myself repeatedly clashing with OfficeTeam over assignments they placed me on. Ultimately, I wound up deciding never to work for them again.
With that history, I realize now that it's probably a very bad idea to have agreed to their arbitration clause, and I certainly wouldn't do it again.
I hope this helps.

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