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saravalatta in Los Angeles, California

121 months ago

Temping adds another layer to working for pay. In this environment, someone is making money by learning about you and placing you. It costs them money- time out from talking to someone else- to meet you and talk to you. Every hour you are in that position increases their profit. This is a business relationship. To keep it straight in my head, I mentally call them my pimp.

I'm almost 50, don't have a Bachelors', am legally disabled and don't type over 35 words a minute, yet I get placed. How?

* I make friends with the recruiter. This is not hard for me because I like people, but it appears to be a step some of you are missing. I was put in a crap job and knew it was a test. Know what? I was working and paying my bills. So I did the job, made friends there and got a great review back to the agency. I was even extended twice. This is more money for the recruiter. The subsequent positions have been steadily better in quality of work, workplace and pay. Coincidence?

* I thank the recruiter for placing me. I know they've bucked the tide in placing me. They could have put a 20-something in and instead they chose me. My resume appears to be a hard sell, as applying directly for jobs isn't getting results. I'm grateful to be working.

* I write letters to their bosses, praising their work. They get reviews, too. I only write what's true. And it's fun for me; keeps me from stressing about worries for a moment or two. How many handwritten "Thank You" letters have you seen lately? You take my point?

For people in the over 40 range: you likely have over 20 years of "interacting" with people of different ages and cultures in the workplace. *Use those skills* Broaden your mind. You and your recruiter are from different social cultures because of your age. Being the bridge is going to fall to you.

Learn to speak and compose English properly. Even this forum's host misuses "it's" when they've meant "its". Yes, it matters.

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