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Puzzled in Joliet, Illinois

95 months ago

Why does Panduit consistently have open positions? Do they have constant turnover? I would think that every headhunter in Chicago would be all over them?

KimberlyFrnc in Lockport, Illinois

87 months ago

Panduit makes a good product but their culture is unhealthy. It's privately owned by a family and they only treat people well if they are men in the sales or engineering departments. It's not uncommon for senior managers to yell at people and get away with it. They overwork their people and also under-pay them. There is no work-life balance. You will work yourself into the ground and get no recognition for it.

MBB in Mokena, Illinois

75 months ago

I agree with KimberlyFrnc. I am a former Panduit employee and I would never recommend working there to anyone. I doubt that Panduit hires many headhunters because they wouldn't want to pay a fee to hire someone. Furthermore, I have no idea how a headhunter would ever be allowed to speak to anyone in the HR department unless the HR department contacted them. Panduit has a very strange policy whereby an employee is not allowed to provide contact information to anyone outside Panduit. If an employee is discovered providing that contact information, it is grounds for termination. For example, if I knew a headhunter and if I gave that headhunter the name of someone in HR, I could be fired for giving the headhunter that contact name.

I also know of marriages that have been destroyed because of the culture at Panduit. They do overwork their employees. People are discouraged from taking vacations. It is also a black mark on your record if you take a sick day. Panduit doesn't have an official sick day policy -- at least they didn't when I was there.

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