Management Trainee Program

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Mevins31 in Columbus, Ohio

100 months ago

This program is a frickin joke. I got hooked into this stupid (and I do mean stupid) job by a Penske recruiter who actually led me to believe they recruit for all jobs. She was Penske specific and she fed me this song and dance about "you can go into sales for them or management". I left a job where I was a SALES guy, an account executive; I know how to sell, for this backwards move of a job. I show up first day; placed in this joke "RMT" program; and I'm inspecting trucks, I'm chasing around the hiring manager (Rental Manager) all over the parking lot getting mileage out of trucks.

As the job goes on, (I've been here 5 months), there is no sales or management or end in sight. The guys who are also RMT's at this job? They've been doing it for 2 and 2 and 1/2 years. You work directly with the grease monkey mechanics, which is about the best part of the job.... if you don't mind having them sneak into the rental office and farting at you, telling you dick jokes, etc.

I don't even know where to start. There's a time clock. Coming from the sales job I had, what a joke! I don't honestly even know why they require a college degree. In ohio, I've worked many a morning where the weather is 10 degrees or 10 below. Rain, sleet, or snow, you'll be out in it. Soggy socks, yup, all day long. You'll work weekends. You'll be treated like a janitor. Wanna know what the "RMT" does? Folds rental blankets, hangs signs on chain length fences. Takes the rails off the flat bed trucks. The ONLY sales part of the job? If you can sneak away long enough to make "cold calls", these are calls made to current customers. It's not a sales call at all. "Hey have you been needing to rent a truck lately?".... the customer will counter with 'no moron. If I needed to rent a truck, you guys would have been called." Much of your day will be spent as a glorified receptionist, in which you answer endless stupid questions that you have no answer at all too and no clue how to answer.

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Mevins31 in Columbus, Ohio

100 months ago

On top of that you'll get to work with some of the scum of the earth who are regular customers. You'll know what I mean. Blue collar at best, but really they're just trashier people then what a professional is used to. It's a nightmare. I've never met so many unhappy people. I've had bad jobs... this is the worst. Plan on working 50 hours a week if you wanna make any money. It's $15.50 an hour and you'll be over worked like crazy. They don't pay you nearly enough for the endless crap you'll put up with.

All the while, you'll probably sit back like me, and watch the guy who is the Sales Rep sit back and not really do any sales. No wonder he's been there for 8 years. No chance of ever moving up because the people at the worthwhile 4 or so positions in every building stay there forever. So unless you wanna move across the company to be trapped in this prison of a facility forever, you're stuck checking in trucks and inspecting them and gathering mileage, ruining dress shoes and working in the cold and snow and heat forever! IT's great let me tell you.

I showed up for the first day and I was so mortified I left after 3 hours. I just clocked out and left. I was not ever gonna go back it was so awful. My family members convinced me i needed to pay my bills so i went back.

How did i know it was do or die to get out? We had a 2 hour rental meeting last week on "how to sell more moving boxes". Brainstorming, idea boxes, the whole works. Just on how to sell more moving supplies. Are you kidding me? I didn't get a $120,000 education to do this. I owe the recruiter who lied to me a kick in the ass and then some. Also my rental manager can go fall off a cliff for having the audacity to make me and a couple other people with real talent do this mindless crap. I'm not the only one who feels this way, as so do the others in my exact position. It's a never ending ass-kissing contest by a few who are stupid enough to think they'll advance.

The best part? I'm leaving.

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