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layla1 in CLEARWATER, Florida

93 months ago

i currently work for penske, and some of what the melvin guy said is very true. the "management trainers" are a joke. there is so much going on in my district, my manager has the higher ups fooled. they cause so much caios, and will throw you under the bus to save them selves. they will call me for minor issues and blow them out so huge i want to quit right then. i am never included in the "TEAM". yes i do get e mails on how great a job the district is doing then of course they will add we can do better. come on i can not make people rent a truck if they do not want to. and i can not change the fact people cancel. it happens. and the pay. not bad for me but i do think it could be more for all the crap. unlike my manager, i show up for work it is called a job, i dont get a car ( manager does and abuses their positon with that also, no cell phone, also abusted) if penske really reads these, is there protection for sqealling on a boss ??? if corperate knew what was going here i am sure the big boys would see things different that management here. and my boss would be out of a job or should be.

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No real interviews a wage rip off scheme in Fairfield, California

44 months ago

Wage discrimination towards the female workforce is practiced at Penske. I applied to a job that was advertised in one of the NORTHERN CALIFORNIA locations. A HR lady called me for a phone interview. Before the HR lady started the interview she blurted out quickly will you take the job for this low ball amount of wage? I did my research on the salary base for the job and knew the fair amount I should have been paid. The lady on the phone I guess maybe she is a dingbat woman that depends on a man for most of your major living expenses and she assumes every other woman should work for low ball wages too. If she isn't earning the same as other female employees. The only thing the HR lady was after was how she could get away with under paying me by $6.00 per hour. The wage she was trying to get me to work for wouldn't even pay for a dog's meal or a dog's lifestyle. See the thing is I know there are women in the workplace who don't have as much employment experience, don't have a college degree and have not worked as hard to achieve much advanced employment experience, so they try to rip off other women in the workplace who do have a college degree and the advance level of experience because they get jealous that other women don't depend on men for their major living expenses in life. So these petty dingbat women mess with other women's abilities to earn a better wage because they know they have not worked hard to earn a degree like the female counterpart and get jealous of other women who do have college degrees that should be earning more money in the workplace. But they don't under pay men who don't know anything. While the men can come to work smelling like grease, hangover and under educated the men get hired and paid a sustainable wage no matter what they look like, what they sound like, whether the dumbest men on the planet Penske doesn’t question the man’s wage.

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