Pep Express driver, possibly ruined my life. What's your experience?

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Jogirob in Clovis, California

56 months ago

I was a 27 year old wide eyed enlisted getting ready to finally leave the military after 10 years. I was happy, I was energetic, I had my MGIBill which I was using at that point to get a full ride college scholarship.

I decided to pick a job up immediately because I hated the thought of not working. My first job application and my first interview I was able to land this Pep Express Hanford job. It could have been because they were desperate, or because of my stellar evaluations and honorable discharge that I got from the military.

I learned the ropes quick, knew the routes, was adamant about balancing the manifest with my products for accurate delivery, I was 100% dependable when handling cash and checks while on my deliveries. I even kept my mouth shut when I saw a shift manager and an associate fraternizing in the back room.

Everything was going stellar, other than the no chance for pay raises if you work part time. Some type of pep-boys rule where part timers are not allowed a cent more above minimum wage... Anywho, with that big yellow "How am I driving" sticker and driving in an area with aggressive and agitated drivers makes you a sitting duck. Despite my impeccable 10 yr driving record and never getting close to being pulled over, those irate people that have nothing better to do than to destroy a guys chance at a decent civilian life got the best of me. It was the 2nd call-in during my 6 month stay. There was no arguing, no seeing my side of the story, nothing...which is another thing. Your word carries absolutely no weight when you are a part-time minimum wage associate here. Quite the shock coming from an E-5 military supervisory position.

So here I am now, with that FIRED blemish on my record. I must have dropped dozens of applications, and interviewed at least 6 times just these past couple of months and have had no luck at all. I have been doing nothing but volunteer work since late 2010 and living on scraps.

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