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Updated 5 days ago

Pepsi - 145 Replies

What driving record is Pepsi looking for for drivers? What's maximum acceptable?


"Results have not yet been provided"

So this is the message i've got: Our records indicate that you are scheduled for an interview or have recently completed an interview and results...


Updated 1 month ago

How to get a job at Pepsi Bottling. - 172 Replies

Do you know if they run a credit check for merchandiser? Has anyone failed or had an offer taken away because of that? I know I am okay on the rest...

Das ginger

Contingency status updates.

I took my urine test and did my background check 10 days ago and got an email saying 7 - 10 days we will let you know...on day 6 i got another email...


Updated 2 months ago

Employement - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kevin Madden in Chappaqua, New York"]I applied for a position at Pepsi in Piscataway New Jersey, I have experience working on Vending...


Updated 6 months ago

Pepsi Bottling Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 9 Replies

what type of benefits do they have? do it cover GRS procedures?

confused in Ocala, Florida

Updated 9 months ago

"We're sorry but you have been blocked from applying" message. - 3 Replies

I am a bit confused and pretty frustrated. The reason I am not pleased is because I received an email that said, "Congratulations! We would like...

Princeofpalmair in Riverview, Florida

Updated 10 months ago

Direct HR contact at PBC - 4 Replies

I have "attempted" to apply for jobs at PBC that I am quite qualified for, and the form responds that I'm not qualified. Thats funny! Anyone...

TheHelper in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 14 months ago

Hiring process waiting time - 1 Reply

Im in the consideration phase, i got the email about 2 weeks ago. Anybody know if the consideration email means you got the job or exactly what goes...

Donnie in Dearborn, Michigan

Pepsi merchandising

What does pepsi look for on your driving record for the merchandising position?

Pauly B

Pepsi application = spam

Why is it that every time I apply for a job at Pepsi, that I get spammed with college applications? Can I please just try to get a job in peace?

Moundsville disgruntled in Wheeling, West Virginia

Moundsville pepsi sucks

I've worked at moundsville, wv pepsi for 15 years. Never have I seen a more unorganized company to work for than this one. They constantly figure ...

comebackkidd lewis in detroit, Michigan

Updated 41 months ago

Pepsi: no money, no communication, no heart - 13 Replies

I cannot express to you how imperative it is that you not work for Pepsi in any capacity. When I took a full-service (filling vending machines)...

comebackkidd lewis in detroit, Michigan

Updated 41 months ago

Warehouse Position, Part Time,Seasonal Mount Pleasant,MI - 16 Replies

I have a face to face interview in 2 weeks. Just wondering: What are the chances of full time position later? How many hours ? Is the union...

comebackkidd lewis in detroit, Michigan

Updated 42 months ago

Interview With Pepsi-Bottling - 6 Replies

I have an interview with Pepsi this Friday at 8:30am. Are their any tips or warnings I should know about?

Nonserviam in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Updated 42 months ago

Pepsi Minnesota - 1 Reply

The plant I work for is basically run by guys who did manual labor for a short while, then tried to get into a white collar job a soon as a opening...

Nonserviam in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Updated 42 months ago

pepsi employment - 9 Replies

i worked ( busted my ass ) for pepsi only to be let go when a 23 yr.old grocery manager didnt like being told he didnt know what he was doing. its...

comebackkidd lewis in detroit, Michigan

Updated 42 months ago

Second shift? - 1 Reply

Im in the process of apply for a job at the Williamsport bottling plant and was curious if anyone knew the round a bout time second shift starts. ...

Thurman Merman in Attleboro, Massachusetts

Updated 43 months ago

Finally hired - 3 Replies

I filled out a application six times before I finally got a opportunity for a interview. A week after the interview I received a contingency offer....

Thurman Merman in Attleboro, Massachusetts

Updated 43 months ago

pepsi must have alot of turnover....why? - 7 Replies

there are alot of the same ads for the same work in san diego,,,,,somethings up...hmmmmm seems the people they hire quit. I wonder why???

Thurman Merman in Attleboro, Massachusetts

Updated 44 months ago


Pepsi is hard to really talk to someone first they do a pre-screen phone interview , then you have to fill out more applications, and if they like...

SodaGuy in Ossining, New York

Updated 70 months ago

Phone Interview - 4 Replies

I was contacted for a phone interview for the position of Driver - Food Service/Vending Product Delivery in Williamsport, MD. I was just wondering...

pbg applicant in Dalzell, South Carolina

Updated 90 months ago

how is working for pbg - 6 Replies

about a week ago i finally recieved a letter from pbg, offering me a job in "General Labor - Operations position", i had to go through some drug...

Nate Urk in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Updated 90 months ago

interview what a joke - 3 Replies

Went for a merchandiser interview recently!! Got asked a total of 3 questions that have absolutely nothing to do with the job. I've been in retail...

leroy in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

trying to get job at pepsi

for the last year in johnstown pa all i get is when they fine a match they would let me know i have not

jangstar in Sylacauga, Alabama


what type of degree, and in what field does the pre-seller need?

jangstar in Sylacauga, Alabama

Updated 100 months ago

ZERO work/life balance - 3 Replies

Winston-Salem Office: They'll even tell you they want you to bleed "pepsi blue". These guys are fanatics; and are looking for souls to buy. When I...

Royce Camilo in Ventura, California

Updated 107 months ago

Something is not right! - 4 Replies

I don't know what's going on with all these companies that say that they're hiring. It seems like it's a hoax because they keep advertising the same...

h-town service in Humble, Texas

Updated 112 months ago

pepsi perks - 1 Reply

Yeah just wanted to know what the website is to check out all the discounts that you have as a pbg employee. something like pepsico.pvt???

awc in Charlotte, North Carolina

Pepsi Business Unit move out of Columbia, SC?

Has anyone heard of Pepsi Bottling Group is moving is Business Unit out of Columbia, SC. Any scoop on where they are going. Who is heading this up?

william hall in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 122 months ago



CSF in Maine

Updated 124 months ago

what the!! - 1 Reply

i applied for pepsi over 2 months ago.......if the still have openings in portland, maine why havent they called me!!!!! how do you get into this...

Pepsi Employee in Purchase, New York

Updated 124 months ago

Pepsi Bottling News and Happenings. - 6 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Francisco Javier Rivera in Winter Springs, Florida

Updating the info on the application

I want to update my information on the application. The system is not allowing me to do it - it just says "your application is being processed. What...

Francisco Javier Rivera in Sanford, Florida

Updated 124 months ago

Pepsi Bottling Interview Questions. - 3 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

towens in Irving, Texas

Updated 124 months ago

i applyed - 7 Replies

i applyed for the pepsi company and want to make shure u received my application i did it like 2 months ago

Carol R in Newport News, Virginia


I applied sometime ago and they email me back to state they didn't have any openings at that time and now here is the same job back on the board.

Jack Gilbert in Gainesville, Florida

Updated 124 months ago

Looking for work - 1 Reply

I am a hard working person

Katooska in Central NJ in Edison, New Jersey

Updated 125 months ago

55-gal plastic barrels - 3 Replies

I'm looking for some used 55-gal plastic barrels and was wondering if anyone knows: 1) Are they available at the plant, and if so 2) Who can I...

Very true in Buford, Georgia

Updated 126 months ago

What's the company culture at Pepsi Bottling? - 4 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Pepsi Bottling? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans...

David Semans in Alfred, New York

skimming Federal regulations

Pepsi should be careful about stipulating a qualification of a college graduate of '07 or '08. This could be very easily misconstrued as the real...

Pamela Pequeen in Vinita, Oklahoma

how to get an app

i have a friend that is interest on how getting an app for pepsi co in pryor

Jeff Phillips in South Walpole, Massachusetts

Part-Time Transport driver

It seems Pepsi may be a very good company to work for except- why are all the transport jobs listed as part-time? 39/per mile isnt't bad for local...

Ryan Scott Ironton Ohio

Updated 128 months ago

warehouse oppertunity - 2 Replies

hard worker,work great with others.

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