wants to much

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Tony in Chapmansboro, Tennessee

99 months ago

22.00 Per hour not enoght

Former Employee

99 months ago

I just celerbrated my 1 year anniversay from leaving PAS, and it was a blast. I'm so happy to have left that company.

Pepsi needs to make a lot of changes, starting from the top. Yes, they do pay less than where I am now and I work about 18 hours less. By the way $22.00 per hour is good.

I did enjoy my time in the beginning, but when I was there I had 5 different managers in that time. The terminations of 4 were not by choice, the other was a retirement.

I'm glad I'm not there anymore!!!!!!

sunr in Toledo, Ohio

99 months ago

I applied for the cashier job listed... come to find out its in Lima Ohio 1 1/2 hours from me, I wish they would say where the job really is, I'm one this website everyday...and this continues to happen...

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