Is Performant Really What You Expect in a Position?

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anonymos in San Angelo, Texas

47 months ago

There are plenty of positions going around at Performant for the common man. But are they the right positions? Do you know what you may truly be applying for before you are hired on? Lets look in depth at positions you should/should not apply for when it comes to Performant Corp.
Knowing the business, we understand this is a collections agency. We know that there is a call center that the company revolves around. This is the main focus of Performant, understand, that if you are not a Sales person, this will not be the position for you.
Performant has an issue with calling the Receptionist position just that. It is not reception, it is a Full Blown Secretary position, in which, understand that if your only good at memo's and answering calls all day, that is Not what the job entails. Instead, you will be the direct lead of the company. If it was not for the 'receptionist' position, the company would have no way to function.
The Receptionist position entails making sure the collectors receive their data from debtors on a constant level. You will also have to do more than required of a "receptionist", by sending certain media though out the day, delivering and attaining day to day needs of other employee's who will volentold you to do stuff that is out of your job criteria. You will also have opportune times of inconvenience from others that require you to revise and send audits, credit card information, etc. This IS NOT a Receptionist Position, it is a Secretary Position, which, be warned now, You Will Start Out at 11.75 an hour for. Understand now that what you get yourself into, will not be what they express at the beginning, but merely at the end of when your finally hired.
Fair warning, everyone has flaws, but be wary of who your boss is and if they are willing to help you in your employment. End

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TSH31 in San Angelo, Texas

47 months ago

Ty for that. Good to know! And I was going to apply!

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