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Nyanko in Gretna, Louisiana

Question about Application Process for Bather

When exactly are references contacted? I have never been employed before (college student) but did volunteer work at a zoo since I was 17. I used my...

winniecooper in New York

Updated 44 months ago

Petsmart Interview Process - 2 Replies

I applied online for a job at PetSmart about a week ago, and two days later went to the store to speak with a manager. She pulled up my application...

zaritsa43 in Batavia, Ohio

Updated 46 months ago

private to corp - 2 Replies

I now work in a private shop. We are very busy. The problem is with the owners, it is a husband and wife. The husband is always making inapproate...

SouxieBella in Aurora, Colorado

How are decisions made at the corporate offices? Individual stores?

Does corporate take ideas, suggestions or complains in stride and use those to make decisions about their stores? What about in each store? Do...

martiezchantel in Evansville, Indiana

Interview for Salon

I applied online for like 3 or four jobs at PetSmart, I got called to have an interview tomorrow at the Salon, he was very interested that I was...

Christie in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Petsmart Termination Employment

I used to be an employee at Petsmart over 5 years ago and wish to re-apply to a another petsmart. I was terminated because a family member passed on,...

guy101 in nowhere, Nebraska

Updated 51 months ago

Is PetSmart a good co. to work for as a store manaer? - 1 Reply

My husband is considering applying for a job as a store manager. What is the company like to work for? How do they treat their store managers? What...

Buffy's Mom in Kingman, Arizona

Updated 52 months ago

Pet care manager's duty - 3 Replies

Hello I am looking at working for petsmart as a pet care manager this is a brand new store still being built I had one interview the store manager...

Ferret_girl in Kingman, Arizona

Updated 52 months ago

Had one interview store manager said maybe one with DM - 2 Replies

Hello I just had a question I had one interview with the store manager he liked me and said it might be till the end of the month for a 2nd one it...

4TheDogs in Houston, Texas

Updated 52 months ago

recommendation - 1 Reply

I was wondering if anybody has ever recieved a letter of recommendation from PetSmart.I was laid off due to surgery. I then ask for a recommendation...

4TheDogs in Houston, Texas

Poorly Trained Managers

I worked for PetSmart for four years, during that time I saw sick and injured pets discarded like trash. I reported problems to management and the...

Dog-guy in Somewhere

Updated 52 months ago

What are my chances here? - 1 Reply

Hi! I recently applied to petsmart for the cashier and pet care positions. I am going to call them tomarrow to see if there are any positions open,...

Johnathan Swiftt in Orlando, Florida

PetSmart Internship

I believe that PetSmart has an internship available for recent or expecting college graduates. After extensive searches through their website, I have...

probather in Reading, Pennsylvania

Need website info

I just started as a bather, and I was told that there is a website employees go to in order to check how much taxes came out of their pay. My OP...

2Legit2Legit2Quit in Michigan

Petsmart Academy Trainer?

Hi all! Just wondering if anyone here has actually trained a petsmart academy? How did you like training? Any issues with managers at other stores?...

RLizG in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 60 months ago

Dress Code (Piercings) - 1 Reply

I have three piercings on both of my ears. One of which is at a 0gauge. Are gauged ears ok as long as I don't have a plug or anything in them? I...

Lovely Irene Garcia in Davao, Philippines

Updated 60 months ago

Questions about the interview, and what happens afterwards? - 2 Replies

So I went in for an interview with the DoggieDay Camp, and the manager explained like everything to me and she seemed like she liked me a lot, i also...

babyc in Springfield, Virginia

Updated 60 months ago

New @ Petsmart! Pls help! Advice, dresscode, etc......? - 1 Reply

Hi,I am new here and new to the petsmart working team. I just had my interview and my drug test done yesterday. The man that interviewed me seemed...

babyc in Springfield, Virginia

Updated 60 months ago

PetSmart Interview Questions. - 11 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

babyc in Springfield, Virginia

Updated 60 months ago

Working at PetsHotel/Doggie Day Camp - 6 Replies

Has anyone had experience working at Petsmart's PetsHotel? I don't want to work in the pet store - but I would love to help take care of the animals...


Updated 60 months ago

How do you become a groomer for Petsmart? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Igzamera in Illinois"]Just wondering, when you're sent to an academy thats pretty far from your store, and the company puts you in a...

la rosa in New Mexico

Updated 61 months ago

managers and criminal records - 2 Replies

is it possible to have a criminal record and be a pet products manager?

RLizG in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 61 months ago

cat grooming - 1 Reply

How do you become certified as a cat groomer with petsmart.Is it true they wash the cats in a wire cage?

biyo49 in Brownsville, Texas

Updated 63 months ago

Getting full-time status - 4 Replies

Is it common in anyone else's district for people to get screwed out of full-time status? Here, in South Detroit, there are almost no full-time...

Heather Champagne in southgate, Michigan

Updated 65 months ago

Is bather hourly and groomer commission a live-able pay or is it rough? - 4 Replies

Is bather hourly and groomer commission a live-able pay or is it rough?

FrancesT in Newport News, Virginia

Updated 65 months ago

Pet Smart Grooming - 4 Replies

I own a Bichon and I took him to PetSmart to be groomed. When I picked him up his coat was super short and I could see his skin. I mean now I am...

T22 in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 65 months ago

petsmart in canton ohio - 2 Replies

can any one please tell me if you are hired on at the store in canton,ohio where the grooming school is located and how many schools are in ohio if...

a-j-h in Big city, South Carolina

Updated 65 months ago

Can I have a Tongue Ring at PetSmart? - 1 Reply

i work at the one in bellevue, wa. i really wanna get my tongue pierced. will they let me work with one? i would take the time off so it would heal...

arapahoepark in Centennial, CO, Colorado

Updated 66 months ago

Jobs at PetSmart - 3 Replies

Hey what's up? I'm 17 and very soon turning 18 and i was wondering what jobs are there that i can work? I really like animals especially dogs! I...

highlikeplane in Arizona

Updated 66 months ago

Is the grooming academy worth it? is the pay worth it? - 2 Replies

is the grooming academy worth the 2 year contract? is money good or not so good?

highlikeplane in Arizona

Updated 66 months ago

how many grooms? - 1 Reply

How many grooms are you expected to do in petsmart? What is the times the dogs are put in? Is it 2 dogs come in at 9 and so on....

Sasspants in Tustin, California

Updated 66 months ago

Interested in getting a second job working P/T @ PetSmart - 1 Reply

I work in the corporate world full-time. I recently adopted a little yorkie and thought working at PetSmart p/t would enable me to get discount on...

txshorsetrainer in Conroe, Texas

Updated 66 months ago

PetSmart PetsHotel what are the jobs in the hotel like? - 3 Replies

is the petsmart pet hotel located inside of a petsmart? what are the jobs like and what is the starting pay?

MacBerry76 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 66 months ago

Petsmart - 1 Reply

Can anyone out there tell me how to get in touch with loss and prevention at Petsmart. I have lost my employee handbook.

thedogtrainerlady in Texas

A petsmart trainer meeting place

If you are interested in a place to meet and discuss ideas I started a yahoo group. Contact me by clicking on my name and send me an email.

rosco jenkins in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 68 months ago

PetSmart News and Happenings. - 4 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

thedogtrainerlady in Texas

Updated 68 months ago

I was hired as a trainer... - 8 Replies

I was extended the opp. to become a trainer for a new store opening... I was sent to training to become a trainer... all of the sudden I was pulled...

groommgr in New York

New store

Is there anyone from PS corp that reads this forum? Can you give me an idea when the new store will be opening in Riverhead, Long Island, NY?

doglady in Michigan

Updated 70 months ago

working at petsmart - 4 Replies

what about working at petsmart, good or bad

ally tay in loveland, Colorado

Updated 71 months ago

PetSmart Grooming Contract Question - 1 Reply

If I do not like it afterall and am stuck with the 2 year contract is it possible to go down to part time if i was hired on as full time? and is it...

ally tay in loveland, Colorado

Updated 71 months ago

Question about the blackout holiday periods at petsmart..... - 2 Replies

does that mean you can never request a holiday off at all? do you switch holidays or have to work every single one due to this "blackout period"?...

MacBerry76 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 71 months ago

PetSmart Hotel Night Shift? - 2 Replies

I was considering applying for the PetSmart Hotel Night hours of 10pm-7am. Does it pay better than the day shift? I saw on the application that you...

Justalilbit in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 71 months ago

The new and improved stocking! - 4 Replies

As some of you may already know, PetSmart is overhauling their way of stocking (at least in my district of MD/PA/VA). They are trying to get all the...

fenway1 in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Updated 71 months ago

What Happens when Trainer Quit? - 4 Replies

I am in the process of quitting Petsmart as a trainer because of how the management staff decided to continue treating me. My question is how the...

Brittney88 in Elyria, Ohio

Updated 72 months ago

Leaving Petsmart - 6 Replies

I've been working at Petsmart for a few weeks now but I'm desperately unhappy here. There's an opening at the local Humane Society I would like to...

Renorei in Monroe, Louisiana

Trying to get in touch with District Office?

A new Petsmart is opening in February in my town. I live in Monroe, Louisiana. I want to personally talk to whoever is going to do the hiring for...

juflier10 in Maryland

Updated 73 months ago

Work at Petsmart and am planning on moving to maine next year and want to transfer - 3 Replies

I work at Petsmart in Mass I started about a month ago and dont plan on moving until May. I am moving to Maine and am planning on going to school...

OogieBoogie in Edmond, Oklahoma

Updated 74 months ago

What happens if you break the PetSmart Grooming Contract? - 1 Reply

I know obviously you pay for them taking you to the academy to learn to groom. It is a 2 year contract at the one I am considering working for. my...

juflier10 in Maryland

Updated 74 months ago

PetsHotel Assistant Manager - good gig? - 1 Reply

Hey folks, Have an interview for this position lined up for Monday. How's the job? Pay decent? FWIW, I'm in TX. Thanks in advance. Matt

Kimmerz in Denver, Colorado

How long does a drug test for Petsmart take?

i took the drug test last's been a week...i keep calling...and no one will call me and let me know it was received...or anything at all....

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