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RaefWolfe in Plattsburgh, New York

84 months ago

I submitted an application through a couple days ago, and I was wondering the average time of notification on it? The application said it would end in 60 days, but I do not intend on waiting 60 days to find out if I have the job or not :/

Also, what happens after you get a callback? Do they ask you for an interview? How long does job training asked? I've never had a job before, so I'm new to this.

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Alex K in Chicago, Illinois

84 months ago

Your application will be viewed by the hiring managers at whichever store you applied to. If they are interested in interviewing you, they will give you a call back at an appropriate time. However, it can vary on how fast each store makes their call depending on how often the managers look at the incoming applications during a hiring period, as well as other factors. If they do not plan to interview you, they can do something at this point; They can elect to "pool" with other store applications in the area of the store so that a nearby store can also see you app. This could give you a better chance of getting hired into the company if you don't mind working outside of your target store. In any case, a hiring manager is not required to call you and let you know they got your app. So if you're really interested in seeing yourself at PetSmart, call and leave your name with a manager so they look for your app and give it an honest look. Good luck!

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Pnknlvr96 in Colorado

84 months ago

Hi, I applied online to a PetSmart here in Colorado about a week ago. I had to call the manager in the store to ask about my application and it turned out he had pulled it but didn't have time to call me. I managed to get an interview and now they are hiring me. So be aggressive and call them to see what's going on. I have heard it's this way at a lot of places; you have to call them, sometimes more than once to get an answer. Sad, but I got a job, so you probably can too.

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highlikeplane in Arizona

63 months ago

i applied at petsmart in February and got a call back in may. i think its whenever they need someone and like your app.

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la rosa in nb, New Jersey

63 months ago

They make it very hard to get hired. The managers are not very helpful, or are to busy.

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emzy08 in Seattle, Washington

62 months ago

i got called a couple hours later. it all depends on the store. you could call and ask about your application. if you don't here anything, they keep your application on file for 60 days in case they have an opening. maybe apply every 60 days? and try other ones in your area.

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babyc in Springfield, Virginia

57 months ago

I went in for an interview with the DoggieDay Camp, and the manager explained like everything to me and she seemed like she liked me a lot, i also have animal experience, esp. dogs... and she saw that on my application. At the end of the interview, that took like 30 mins. she told me that she will be touching base with one of the other managers and will call me back for a second interview.. What does this mean? Did i not get the job, or is this the process for the store?

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RLizG in Marietta, Georgia

57 months ago

usually you will have 2-3 interviews. At least with the operations manager or store manager...sometimes one with each.....and one with the department manager.... sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks to get called in for that second interview.

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