Has anyone else seen to calculator for stylists that commission out and have overtime? it doesn't seem right.

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Gagroomer in Georgia

77 months ago

I worked 53 hours during the week of thanksgiving and made a good bit of money. When I got my pay stub my pay seemed to be off by over a hundred dollars from what my commission plus the overtime should have been. After going to my store manager, dm and dsm all that I got was a copy of some calculation of how stylists that commission out with overtime are paid.

you take your commission divided by the hours you worked and that's your average hourly pay rate. Then you times that by 1.5 and you get your average overtime rate. then you take your average hourly rate and times that by 40. then take your average overtime rate and times that by the number of hours you have in overtime. then add the totals together.


800/50= 16
16*1.5= 24
16*40= 640
24*10= 240


versus you getting paid the 800 plus getting 10 hours of your normal pay rate time 1.5. so if you are paid 8.00 your overtime rate would be 12.00




Has anyone else seen this? Is this normal? how long have this been the policy?

I'm very interested in your replies. I've never personally worked during the holidays and I just want to know if this is something legal. thanks.

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groommgr in New York

77 months ago

Well you really lost me with all those calculations. LOL Numbers were never my strong point. But as a groomer at PS I thought- with OT I would get time and a half of my regular hourly pay. Commission and then if I was paid $8 an hour non-commission, then the OT would be $12. The pay that is averaged from your commissions pertains to vaca, sick and discretionary time. That is what I was led to believe and that is what I got. Also, OT for actual holidays is the same- time and a half, not the averaged amount on your commissions.
It always pays to take your vaca after a busy season so your hourly is high.
That was my experience.

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Gagroomer in Georgia

77 months ago

I know what it is supposed to be for but my store manager and DM are telling me that it applies to groomers who commission out and have overtime in the same week. They said that's how they figure out how much you get paid during the weeks before and of thanksgiving and Christmas. I think its got to be wrong but I wanted to see if anyone else is getting paid like this or if they are getting their commission plus overtime so that I know if my managers are being straight with me or not.

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ally tay in loveland, Colorado

75 months ago

someone else i worked with had her friend who was a lawyer go over it and basically said we were being screwed of our overtime. like she said we are paying them to work harder. you still have to commission over for all of your overtime. and i dont remember everything else she said...but basically they screw us.

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thedogtrainerlady in Texas

74 months ago

I do not think that their calculations are right if when a groomer commissions out they are not getting paid an hourly rate.

I think your calculations are right. I think they want to have it both ways in thier favor. So if the deal is if you commission out at 40 or less hours then how do they reduce you back to hourly rates for those 40 hours if you work overtime.

I think you should take your case to the wage and hour board.

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16 months ago

Did anyone ever look into this further? I was screwed out of over $400.

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