Is anyone still on here? If so, I need your opinions :)

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Gloria22 in Maryland

94 months ago

I just did my interview at my local Petsmart. The manager seemed to really like me and said after I pass my drug screen and background check he will bring me back in for a second interview. I'm not totally sure if I got the position, but I have some questions.
I interviewed for the pet care specialist position. How much does this position generally start at?
I have never worked a retail job before, I have always worked administrative office positions; will this line of work be difficult for me? (Note: I am excellent under stress, in my last position I was dealing with a lot of people who thought they should always be priority).
What do you like/dislike about Petsmart?

Luckily, the store I applied at has really nice people. The second I walked in this young man was like "What position are you interviewing for? I hope you get the job!" all cheerfully lol. The manager seemed really happy and laid back too, but these are just first impressions.

Thanks (:

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loves2groom in Minnesota

91 months ago

they try to stay away from making people fulltime. If you have kids.. they don't like it if you have to leave if they are sick. They would rather have you come in sick then call in. If they don't want you to work there anymore (if stuck up manager doesn't like you), they just take your hours away until you quit...well that's just the store at work at.

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popeyeray in Phoenix, Arizona

63 months ago

Very sad to hear that. I wonder if they really care about the animals.

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