New @ Petsmart! Pls help! Advice, dresscode, etc......?

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new-b in Phoenix, Arizona

120 months ago

Hi,I am new here and new to the petsmart working team.
I just had my interview and my drug test done yesterday. The man that interviewed me seemed to sure that I was going to be hired. I am just waiting for the call. How long does it usually take for Petsmart to call you? I know 48hrs for drug test.What color pants and shoes do I have to wear? Where do I buy the shirt? I want to buy the pants and shoes before I go in to fill out the paper work.I was not really told what my job name would be called all I know is that I will be working @ 3,4 and 5 am unloading a truck , stocking, and helping the customers. Does anyone know the what my job is called? How much does it usually pay? How many lunch brakes do I get? Can I take my own lunch and do they have a fridge to put it in?Makeup wise, what type of makeup is appropriate for this job?Same question goes for the hairstyle? I am trying to study as much of the petsmart website as I can that way I will be more familiar with their products and can better help the customers.Will they make me work the cash register?I don't have my GED yet. I have one more test to take then I get it.What type of benefits do you get as a petsmart employee? Do you get discounts?Do most petsmarts have a bike rack? I will be ridding my bike to work or walking.I would like to get a puppy and a kitten one day. It has always been my dream and I have not yet gotten one because I have been doing a lot of research and making sure I will be able to make them happy.Does anyone here that works at petsmart own a puppy or a kitten? I live in an apartment but plan to walk my puppy atleast 2 times a day. Where do you leave your puppy when you go to work at petsmart? Is there a pet care place in petsmart where you can leave it? How much does it cost? It would be nice to have my puppy there so I can keep an eye on it.Do you have any advice for me?
Thank you!

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babyc in Springfield, Virginia

94 months ago i know this doesn't have a lot to do with the title of the forum, but I was wondering about the interview for this part of the store. I went in for an interview with the DoggieDay Camp, and the manager explained like everything to me and she seemed like she liked me a lot, i also have animal experience, esp. dogs... and she saw that on my application. At the end of the interview, that took like 30 mins. she told me that she will be touching base with one of the other managers and will call me back for a second interview.. What does this mean? Did i not get the job, or is this the process for the store?

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