PetsHotel Assistant Manager - good gig?

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Matt D in Texas

80 months ago

Hey folks,

Have an interview for this position lined up for Monday. How's the job? Pay decent? FWIW, I'm in TX.

Thanks in advance.


juflier10 in Maryland

79 months ago

Hey Matt,

At our store, we do not have a PetsHotel, however I do know a little info on the job. I'm not at all trying to discourage you from the position, but just wanted to let you know the facts. Working in the PetsHotel is the highest turnover area for PetSmart due to the stresses of the job. Also, apparently they take things very seriously, if you do something wrong, especially that deals with the health or wellbeing of an animal, you are done. My store manager said they don't play around with the workers of the PetsHotel. And for this reason a lot of people either leave or are transferred or even terminated after a few months on average.

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