Working at PetsHotel/Doggie Day Camp

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cynthisizer in Diamond Bar, California

105 months ago

I work at petsmart hotel in walnut, ca
Ive worked there for probably around 3 weeks.
Its nice to interact with the animals, but its ALOT of work!
You constantly have to be cleaning up poo/pee, and cleaning non stop.
One thing that is bittersweet is being with the dogs in day camp.
You usually develop a relationship with every dog and end up knowing all of their names. but again, its so exhausting. you cant leave the room unattended, so your in the room for at least 3 hours. kind of like babysitting 11 kids at once.

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macberry76 in San Antonio, Texas

83 months ago

deborah mcfall in carmichael, California said: I have worked for the Mtn View PetsHotel for over a year. Although the discription of the duties in the back of the hotel are accurate, there is also the duties of the lobby, which includes the check in/out procedures. I have found my passion with the hotel. Any small amount of stress is removed when you deal with these pets. Yes, it can be difficult to interact with some of the parents but overall it's so worth it! I have held every position and run every shift both in the lobby as well as in the back with the exception of the asst. and hotel manager positions (currently interviewing for the manager position). I will come back and work part time after I retire.
I have had my 7 yr old golden ret. in daycamp/care situations as well as boarding facilities since he was 2 yrs. I can honestly say that no one takes as good care of him like the hotel does. No, the pets are NEVER left alone. Which makes this such a wonderful place for your pet. If the hotel is run correctly, time spent in the play rooms is in 1/2 hour increments. If this is not the case, you will definately get burnt out.

Definitely not the case at the Hotel I recently resigned from. I've had to run Doggie Daycamp all day before..there was even a couple of times I pulled a 6am to 5pm shift because the 2nd shift associate never showed, called out, late, etc. I don't know if it's stated in PNP that playroom shifts are to be broken up in half hour increments; if so, pretty much every one of my managers were in violation. Burnout was the precise reason that I quit.

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txshorsetrainer in Conroe, Texas

83 months ago

I would like to know if there is a policy on how long some one can be in camp. im in it usually from 1-4:30. Some people at our hotel are in from 8:30 to 4:30 excludingthe break. I absolutly hate being in camp Im impatient and like to get stuff accomplished in the back.

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macberry76 in San Antonio, Texas

82 months ago

I don't know if its PNP or not, but supposedly its required to rotate in/out per 30 minute shift increments. Never happened. I was lucky to be given a 15 so that I could check my blood sugars (diabetic), get water, use restroom, etc. It's also required that 2 people be in camp per pack size: over 8 lg dogs, 10 med dogs, and/or 12 sm dogs. Right before I left however; supposedly that policy had been changed to allow however many dogs a single associate in their pack. Don't get me wrong..I'll play with dogs for hours, but 9-12 then again possibly from 1-5?!? Eventually the dogs' energy drops and they do fall asleep..another thing to get b*****d at about. I loved the animals I handled; just not the people I worked with.

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Siege in California

80 months ago

30 minute rotations? Two people in the day camp room with 8-12 dogs? Wow, I wish. Our typical afternoon day camp associate is stuck in the playroom from 1-5 pm with a 15 minute break in between. This room holds 16-17 dogs, and we will run one person stuck for four hours in there with those 16-17 LARGE dogs.

Then there's always the power-tripping manager with ZERO management experience before PetSmart that every employee hates, but must walk on eggshells around. I really wish PetSmart did write-ups and not those worthless "coaching" sheets. If someone/manager has 20 pages of "coaching" sheets in their personal file, they should NOT be in a management position.

The extreme variance in ages also causes behind-the-scenes tension. The older (40-50's) employees will form their own clique, and the young employees make multiple cliques like they're still in high school. Even said manager increases tension among employees by talking crap about others. The drama is ridiculous.

MacBerry sums it up the best: I loved the animals I handled; just not the people I worked with.

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laura g in Cave Creek, Arizona

79 months ago

JC in Southfield, Michigan said: Has anyone had experience working at Petsmart's PetsHotel? I don't want to work in the pet store - but I would love to help take care of the animals that are boarded in the pet hotel. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

I've done both, hotel & in store as a small animal associate. It is a lot of work in hotel but can be rewarding if you love dogs. In the store you must deal with customers as well as complete all you duties. I enjoyed both. I feel its just a preference thing. Best of luck to you.

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babyc in Springfield, Virginia

76 months ago

Okay, so i know this doesn't have a lot to do with the title of the forum, but I was wondering about the interview for this part of the store. I went in for an interview with the DoggieDay Camp, and the manager explained like everything to me and she seemed like she liked me a lot, i also have animal experience, esp. dogs... and she saw that on my application. At the end of the interview, that took like 30 mins. she told me that she will be touching base with one of the other managers and will call me back for a second interview.. What does this mean? Did i not get the job, or is this the process for the store?

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