petsmart bather pay per hour- is this negotiable?

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Kimmy in Denver, Colorado

101 months ago

i got a job offer from the grooming salon manager for a bather position. she said it is pretty low 7.35-7.45 an hour. i will be supplementing cashiering to reach full time since bathing would just be part-time. i have 6 years of cashiering experience and less than one year bathing. so is the hourly pay negotiable or does everyone no matter what experience have to start that low?

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cyndiw in Wilmington, North Carolina

100 months ago

There is always a little nego. room, depending on how valuable you make yourself to them....I started PT cashiering & am leaving my FT job next wk to go FT w/PS & progress to PP manager. I know I do & will be making more then others that have been there longer. But only because that is what I asked for & they know it's money well spent. You also get a quarterly raise. It should all pay off in the long run.
Good luck!!

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juflier10 in Maryland

100 months ago

i mean, you get a raise after 90 days on the job and then 6 months after on the job and 9 and 12 months. I just got my raise for the 90 days last week, and it was only 10 cents, but hey, every cent hopefully very soon i will be promoted to lead cashier, and that is another increase in pay...i could also be pet products manager, however i am f/t in school and petsmart won't be my future unfortunately...aviation is!

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survivor in Baiting Hollow, New York

100 months ago

The reason new employees make more than others that have been at the job is because of the increase in the minimum wage. It has nothing to do with how valuable you think you are. PS has pretty strict guidelines across the board for pay- no matter if you are the best employee they ever had!

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