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Updated 6 hours ago

What's the company culture at PetSmart? - 114 Replies

I work at PetSmart and their dress code are not that way you described. The store provided me with 2 shirts which I didn't pay for. I wear tan/beige...

colla bloom

Updated 1 month ago

Don't work for PetSmart - 143 Replies

My store has caring and compassionate managers and staff. I have seen an appropriate amount of attention payed to both the training of associates and...


Updated 1 month ago

2 year grooming contract - 10 Replies

I started Petsmart as a bather in August 2014 and went to Academy In January 2015 and have been a groomer since. I cannot stand the salon I work in,...


Updated 1 month ago

How to get a job at PetSmart. - 25 Replies

Can you work at PetSmart at 15

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 3 months ago

What's with this application? - 2 Replies

Seriously. This has to be the most invasive application/test I have ever seen and/or taken for a potential employer. It's grossly inaccurate and...


Updated 6 months ago

pay - 72 Replies

[QUOTE who="lmnop in Ventura, California"]petsmart has a 3 year contract not a 2 year[/QUOTE] Its actually a 2 year.

YoumaysayImadreamer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Updated 9 months ago

Urgent request - anybody ever receive reference letters from Petsmart? - 4 Replies

I'm in a situation where my employment performanace has been good to exceptional at Petsmart for over 4 years. It's now time to move on...but...

James Lin

Updated 11 months ago


The corporate office is going above and beyond to make PetSmart a great place to work. They are in the stores asking what they can do for associates...

James Lin in California

Petsmart drug test, why is it taking so long?

I had an interview the week of Thanksgiving then had my 2nd interview the first week of December. I was given the position, pay was discussed and i...

Senna C in charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 12 months ago

Non compete - 1 Reply

I know of a fellow employee Who is working at another grooming establishment that is about 1 hour away from her current petsmart. Can she be fired??

A MUG in Groton, Connecticut

Updated 12 months ago

Pet Trainer at Petsmart. - 37 Replies

I've just been interviewed for a position as a pet trainer, and I'm sure I have the job. I am very interested in doing the job well, and I would like...

Melissa in Benton, Louisiana

Updated 13 months ago

Bathers/Groomers don't know their own jobs! - 9 Replies

I have been bathing dogs and cumulatively, I have more experience bathing/brushing dogs and cats more than the bathers I work with at PetSmart. I...

Leann Sowell in Arlington, Texas

Updated 18 months ago

petsmart grooming-do animals cage dry or what are the methods in the drying process? - 3 Replies

i am concerned after hearing on the news that a dog died because of not being able to breathe from the heat exhaustion in a cage at petco who let the...

sheryl in Lynn, Massachusetts

Updated 20 months ago

petsmart grooming-grooming school-what is that like? - 36 Replies

has anyone worked for petsmart grooming and been sent to petsmart grooming salon academy? what's it like? does the school cost come out of your...

Melina in Los Angeles, California

Should I call back?

So I had an interview last week on Friday with two of the managers (group interview). I felt that it went well, but who knows. They said they would...

NeedRealjob in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 21 months ago

Callback After Interview? - 3 Replies

I had 2 interviews on 2 separate occasions within 2 weeks. One was with a manager and the other was with the store manager. Both went well as far as...

Sarah in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 22 months ago

Callback? - 8 Replies

I submitted an application through a couple days ago, and I was wondering the average time of notification on it? The application said...

pepper in Temecula, California

Updated 22 months ago

How to deal with the stress - 1 Reply

So I'm a very patient person and I absolutely adore animals so much that I want to become a vet and rescue animals and save dying species....

upset in Seattle, Washington

washington salons

I work in a petsmart salon in WA. We have gone through 3 Managers in a little less than 3yrs. Our last manager was a stripper after work and would be...

idowhatiwant in Corpus Christi, Texas

Updated 26 months ago

PetSmart Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 7 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at PetSmart? What do you like best about working at PetSmart?...

Charlie Rodarte in Pasadena, California

Updated 27 months ago

Petsmart Hiring Procedure - 9 Replies

I have recently gone through 2 interviews at Petsmart and also gone for the drug test. I am waiting to hear from them but a job opportunity with...

deedee1124 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 27 months ago

Bather - 1 Reply

I recently started at Petsmart as a bather. The first few days, I loved my job. After finishing all my computer training (which I thought was all...

Futurepuppytamer in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Dog trainer Training

I was told I would have to go away to get the training to be a petsmart dog trainer if I get the position. How many hours a week would I work during...

pissed in Washington

Updated 30 months ago

Petsmart crap - 3 Replies

The only people that get anywhere at Petsmart have lunch with the store manager

ocoeegrl in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 31 months ago

Presentation manager - 8 Replies

I'll be starting as presentation manager in a few days. I have the impression that I'll be salaried... after I read thru a couple of messages here...

Orchid in Aiken, South Carolina

Updated 33 months ago

Question about stocking - 2 Replies

I don't mean for this question to sound silly, but I thought I should ask before applying: Is it possible for females to be hired for the stocking...

ahro112 in Scranton, Pennsylvania

I-Pay Login

I tried contacting the Petsmart I worked at for the i-pay login registration code, and they said they would call me back with it. Never did. Does...


Updated 36 months ago

Has anyone else seen to calculator for stylists that commission out and have overtime? it doesn't seem right. - 5 Replies

I worked 53 hours during the week of thanksgiving and made a good bit of money. When I got my pay stub my pay seemed to be off by over a hundred...

Please advise in tampa, Florida

Updated 36 months ago

grooming contract - 6 Replies

hello everyone!! i have a quick question. I have a few months left on my contract. I really want to leave because i am very unhappy. I was wondering...

Crazygroom in Mattoon, Illinois

Updated 36 months ago

PetSmart Groomer Questions - 4 Replies

Looking to supplement my income with a second job. I love a lot of the employees at my local PetSmart, and they have offered me numerous times to...

PumpkinPie in Bowling Green, Kentucky

PetSmart Hiring Process

I am considering applying for a Presentation Manager position with PetSmart and I was wondering how far back do they go on there manager background...

Mutts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 38 months ago

What do bather's think? - 3 Replies

I just wanted to know what the bathers think about their jobs and experiences. Personally,I have good days and bad days. Some days, I get...

shizzle bay in pomroy, Ohio

Updated 39 months ago

Commissions at Petsmart - 37 Replies

Trainers are paid commissions on classes. There are coupons available from petsmart for discounts on the classes. One is from the Howl-o-ween party...

Autumm in Rochester, Michigan

Updated 39 months ago

Disappointed In Petsmart Grooming - 7 Replies

I work at a Petsmart grooming salon and want to share some of the unsanitary practices and mistreatment of dogs that I have witnessed: 1) After...

vegeta24 in Temecula, California

Updated 41 months ago

Does Petsmart require you to ba a bather before going to the grooming academy? - 1 Reply

Hello, We have a new petsmart opening here (Ashland,ky) soon (no open date eat) anyway! They have positions for pet stylist listed on their...


Updated 42 months ago

I like to work at petsmart and questions - 3 Replies

I don't have a degree cause i can't afford to be in debt but is there a way to make a career in petsmart? I have 8 years of retail experience i like...

ann sweeney in Beverly, Massachusetts

Updated 44 months ago

Working at PetSmart 2+ years, have some questions for other workers. Feel free to voice opinions. - 23 Replies

I've been working there for 2 years now. I started as a cashier and after about a year I switched to receiving. So I've been doing both since, mostly...


Updated 44 months ago

Lead positions a "trial" and they're evaluating whether or not to keep them? - 5 Replies

I have been a PetSmart employee for 2 1/2 years now -- about a year and a half of that being in pet care -- and for the past few or several months I...


Updated 44 months ago

Anyone who works at petsmart-- ? Drug test-- DID I GET HIRED? :) - 1 Reply

So, Petsmart is opening at new location in our area, and to be honest- I was VERY excited. The closest one had been a county away, even though I was...


Updated 44 months ago

What exactly does the PetSmart non compete agreement say??? - 2 Replies

Does anyone have a copy of the non compete agreement from PetSmart?? Or can tell me where to find it? There's so much speculation of people saying "I...

EmilyC in Calgary, Alberta

Updated 44 months ago

Interview process to be a bather - 3 Replies

Hi everyone, I just went today for my third interview to be a bather. On Tuesday the salon manager interviewed me and put me through the second...

xp in Fairborn, Ohio

Updated 47 months ago

I dont want to be a petsmart groomer anymore - 4 Replies

I recently became a Petsmart groomer and i feel like i have made a mistake..the job is very stressful to me and is causing me to have panic attacks...


Updated 48 months ago

PetSmart-Trainer - 1 Reply

I just got called in for an interview with Pet Smart because I filled out an application for their training accreditation classes. I'm actually...

AnitaJOB in Bellevue, Washington

Updated 50 months ago

petsmart salons are the worst ! - 1 Reply

Bellevue Petsmart grooming salon is the worst place to work. My coworkers so very mistreated, a girl started out as a bather and was not allowed to...


Updated 51 months ago

Petsmart-finishing your 100 dogs - 1 Reply

I got out of the grooming academy and have been working on my hundred dogs. Our decently busy store has suddenly came to a slow pace. This is the...

popeyeray in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 52 months ago

Is anyone still on here? If so, I need your opinions :) - 2 Replies

Hello, I just did my interview at my local Petsmart. The manager seemed to really like me and said after I pass my drug screen and background check...

disappointedPS in Mercer Island, Washington

Just need to put this out there.

I've been with the company for almost 6 years and I transferred to this store to build my business and to do what I loved. I am now so sick of it...

sorlg01 in Telford, Pennsylvania

third interview at petsmart

Anyone know how long after your third interview at Petsmart, that you could expect a response.? Do they typically email you if you did not get the...


Updated 57 months ago

Training - 1 Reply

What is the training like for hourly Team Members? Is there a structured process and is the process funded with payroll?

sheri in Wayne, New Jersey


What is the training like for hourly Team Members? Is there a structured process and is the process funded with payroll?

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