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ally tay in loveland, Colorado

Updated 105 months ago

PetSmart Grooming Contract Question - 1 Reply

If I do not like it afterall and am stuck with the 2 year contract is it possible to go down to part time if i was hired on as full time? and is it...

ally tay in loveland, Colorado

Updated 105 months ago

Question about the blackout holiday periods at petsmart..... - 2 Replies

does that mean you can never request a holiday off at all? do you switch holidays or have to work every single one due to this "blackout period"?...

MacBerry76 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 105 months ago

PetSmart Hotel Night Shift? - 2 Replies

I was considering applying for the PetSmart Hotel Night hours of 10pm-7am. Does it pay better than the day shift? I saw on the application that you...

Justalilbit in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 105 months ago

The new and improved stocking! - 4 Replies

As some of you may already know, PetSmart is overhauling their way of stocking (at least in my district of MD/PA/VA). They are trying to get all the...

fenway1 in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Updated 106 months ago

What Happens when Trainer Quit? - 4 Replies

I am in the process of quitting Petsmart as a trainer because of how the management staff decided to continue treating me. My question is how the...

Renorei in Monroe, Louisiana

Trying to get in touch with District Office?

A new Petsmart is opening in February in my town. I live in Monroe, Louisiana. I want to personally talk to whoever is going to do the hiring for...

juflier10 in Maryland

Updated 108 months ago

Work at Petsmart and am planning on moving to maine next year and want to transfer - 3 Replies

I work at Petsmart in Mass I started about a month ago and dont plan on moving until May. I am moving to Maine and am planning on going to school...

OogieBoogie in Edmond, Oklahoma

Updated 108 months ago

What happens if you break the PetSmart Grooming Contract? - 1 Reply

I know obviously you pay for them taking you to the academy to learn to groom. It is a 2 year contract at the one I am considering working for. my...

juflier10 in Maryland

Updated 109 months ago

PetsHotel Assistant Manager - good gig? - 1 Reply

Hey folks, Have an interview for this position lined up for Monday. How's the job? Pay decent? FWIW, I'm in TX. Thanks in advance. Matt

alldogsgotoheaven1984 in Loveland, Colorado

is it possible to switch from grooming to banfield or pet hotel if on a 2 year grooming contract?

could i switch from grooming department to banfield or pet hotel if i go to grooming school and have the 2 year contrct but then not like it?


Updated 112 months ago

is pet smart a good company to work for-truthfully? - 4 Replies

do they care about their employees honestly? do they care more about sales or what exactly honestly is this company like?

Ted S in Decatur, Illinois

Pay information, please?

I am doing some research and found the following job titles at the PetSmart website. Can anyone please provide me with salary information on...

Jen123 in Glens Falls, New York

Request for info on Banfield and Petsmart jobs/salaries/etc.

Could you please tell me anything (pros and cons, etc.) about the following. Any location is great but I am applying at the Saratoga, NY...

Cyndi W in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 112 months ago

Getting a job at PetsMart - 2 Replies

So i applied online at and filled it out, but I am worried I am not gonna even get a call back, and I REALLY want this job. I have...

juflier10 in Maryland

Updated 113 months ago

New @ scheduling system and selling training classes ?!?!?! - 1 Reply

I have recently accepted a position with PS, though I have not started yet (this week sometime.) I am in PetCare...they did mention cross training,...

Heather in Millersville, Maryland

Updated 113 months ago

Tranferring after Academy - 4 Replies

I still have to take my practical, so I'm not sure about whether or not I'll have to go to the academy. I know you have to sign a two-year contract,...

juflier10 in Maryland

Updated 113 months ago

working at petsmart - 2 Replies

i have been reading for hours. after reading everything the employees say about their stores, i am worried about working for petsmart. what the heck...

Fred Simon in phoenix, Arizona

Updated 113 months ago

IT Department interviews at PetSmart - 1 Reply

I just had an interview at PetSmart SSG in Phoenix. Be careful, the IT department does not know what they are looking for. They rely on consultants...

survivor in Baiting Hollow, New York

Updated 113 months ago

Do petsmart grooming bathers have to work every single weekend, both days of the weekend? - 2 Replies

do bathers have to work every single weekend? do they work both saturday and sunday or do they rotate?

survivor in Baiting Hollow, New York

Updated 113 months ago

petsmart bather pay per hour- is this negotiable? - 3 Replies

i got a job offer from the grooming salon manager for a bather position. she said it is pretty low 7.35-7.45 an hour. i will be supplementing...

kitty in Ontario, California

Updated 114 months ago

grooming commission pay-when slow is it bad pay? - 1 Reply

once a groomer and finish the academy, i heard you still are hourly and have to do 100 dogs, soon goes to commission only. during slow days/slow...

Cindy D in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 115 months ago

breaking the 2 year grooming academy contract - 1 Reply

after going to the academy for the grooming salon to become a groomer, and then you sign a 2 year contract, if for some reason the job does not work...

Kimmy in Denver, Colorado

bather starts at 7.45 an hour when does it go up and how much

is there a 30 day review or just a 90 day then the full year review...and how much does it go up. 7.45 to me is LOW i make 9.50 at another job and to...

juflier10 in Maryland

Updated 115 months ago

bathers-is it true that they start as a cashier before becoming full time in the salon? - 5 Replies

the petsmart who interviewed me said they only have part time as a bather position but offered a cashier position to make it a full time job. this...

Cindy D in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 115 months ago

What is it like to work in the PetSmart Grooming as a bather? questions about a bather job - 1 Reply

what is the hourly start pay for a bather? what days are typically worked? what is your daily routine like? do you get tips?how do they work-are...

dreamer27 in Lewisville, Texas

Updated 116 months ago

jobs at PetSmart? - 1 Reply

How Old do you have to be to work at PetSmart?

Cory p in Vancouver, Washington

Drug test, What do I need to bring?

I was wondering if I would need photo ID? I only have a school ID.. What should I bring?

SQUID DF in Buckeye, Arizona

Updated 118 months ago

I applied to PetSmart .......i was reading the threads but could use some info - 1 Reply

just curious i applied for the stock position but im a college student and in reference to what i've read on here i'd have to start super early...


Updated 118 months ago

How much do Operations Managers make at Petsmart? - 2 Replies

I had my 1st interview today and I go for my 2nd interview tomorrow. The Store Manager who conducted the interview today told me that he's not the...

Molzy7687 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

What position to apply for?

I'm interested in getting a job at Petsmart. I'm currently a senior in college, getting my degree in Animal Science. I want to work 20-30 hours a...

Jonathan Morales in North Bergen, New Jersey

Updated 119 months ago

best buy pay? - 1 Reply

i applied before christmas and was suppose to get called back since the manager called me but she never bothered return my phone call since i kept...

nocturnal in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Updated 119 months ago

I applied online and all...... now i need more advice guidance from you all if possible. - 1 Reply

yes, i applied and i was wondering when do they usually call you up?...I mean on the El paso Times, Petsmart said they needed people and all so...

Alex K in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 121 months ago

How much do Pet Product Managers make per hour? - 1 Reply

Does it depend on the location in the US? Example, the state of Maryland? And what type of bonus and/or commission is involved with Pet product...

Tony Carroll in Silver Spring, Maryland

Why are small volume stores ran cleaner and less frills than warehouse based stores?

My real question is what does the warehouse style store emphasize and the smaller volume store?

Lyn Black in Duluth, Minnesota

Updated 122 months ago


Pets mart, the more I am around these type of people the more I like my dog. He is certainly smarter then Pets Mart. They have been running this ad...

petperson in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Updated 122 months ago

Working @ the Banfield hospitals inside Petsmart. - 2 Replies

Im interested in working as a front desk coordinator @ the Banfield hospital inside a Petsmart and have an interview this next week. Just wondering...

Jodie Strake in O Fallon, Missouri

Working @ the Banfield hospitals inside Petsmart.

Im interested in working as a front desk coordinator @ the Banfield hospital inside a Petsmart and have an interview this next week. Just wondering...

Keith in Montgomery, Alabama

Updated 123 months ago

how to get an interview for store manager - 1 Reply

Hi, Could anyone tell me how to score an interview at PetSmart. I applied for a store manager position posted on I have over eight...

n/a in Buckeye, Arizona

Updated 123 months ago

Don't get a job at PetSmart Corporte People (especially HRIS) - 1 Reply

Myself and 3 other HRIS Analyst quit within 3 months. They do a horrible job of explaining the job you interview for.. .then when you start.. it's...

PRIVATE in Scottsdale, Arizona

Don't go to work for Petsmart I.S.

Very bad enviroment. Lots of people leaving. The CIO is an egomaniac and an incompetent leader. Moral is at an all time low with a turnover of...

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