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lkjfsldkf in somewherein, Michigan

56 months ago

Is it common in anyone else's district for people to get screwed out of full-time status? Here, in South Detroit, there are almost no full-time non-salon associates, but many of us get full-time hours. The problem is, because none of us have full-time status, our hours can drastically change week to week. Plus, we don't get sick days, a decent amount of vacation time, or decent health insurance. Whenever anyone asks about becoming full time, they are told the company no longer allows associates to become full-time unless they are groomers. Is this true, or are my managers just lying to me? When I started 2 years ago, we had 5 full time associates, now we have 1. Clearly we have enough hours to support another full timer! Who can I talk to about this? My store managers lie, and I'm sure our DM lies about it too. UGH!

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Chain in Eugene, Oregon

56 months ago

Its pretty common, especially if you are paid every 2 weeks, or twice a month. They can shuffle the hours around in such a way that if anyone asks, they can tell them that you are part time and not entitled to anything. I had to deal with something like that, where my employer would give the part timers all the overtime and fire them if they didn't take it, so they could cheat the full time employers out of overtime, and kill any plans/classes the part timers had for their days off.

Unethical, yes, but I'm not sure if it is illegal.

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Fulltimed in Somewherein, Massachusetts

56 months ago

This worries me, I have been working for PS for a few months now at a new location as a PH NPCS and i was told at Hire date that i would be full time the only one in the entire store. and on my pay stubs it says F.T. (full time) and on each weeks schedule next to my name it says F.T. also, but this week my Mnger told me i would only be getting 30 hours next week because of the holiday, she said my holiday pay would be on the check for this week even thou its part of next week, very confusing and worrisome. Why would they do that? either way i get the holiday pay

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hatchetman8 in Austin, Texas

55 months ago

Yeah, it seems Petsmart doesn't like making people full-time. Only full-timers I know are salon associates and the managers.

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biyo49 in Brownsville, Texas

54 months ago

It's true for us...the only full time at our store are the managers.

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