Petsmart Interview Process

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Sarah&Clementine in Sioux City, Iowa

81 months ago

I applied online for a job at PetSmart about a week ago, and two days later went to the store to speak with a manager. She pulled up my application and told me to come in for an interview the next day. She told me honestly that she needs employees. I had my interview with a different manager who seemed to really like me. He was impressed with how many different pets I've raised and we spent a lot of the interview more chatting than interviewing. So he told me he would probably call me on Monday if I got the job. (This was a Thursday.) It's six o'clock on Monday night and I haven't heard from anyone yet. If I got the job, is it possible he'll call me later than he said? If he doesn't, is it wierd if I call him to ask? And if he does, what's the next step to getting the job? I really like the environment there and the interview felt like it went really well. I'd just like to know if I should start looking for something else.

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Tess in Irving, Texas

79 months ago

It seems to be the way these pet chains operate, as well as most businesses today. I had a manager tell me he'd call me next week. A week passed and so I called him, as I just wanted to know if it was still a possibility (even down the road) or not. I was told, "Oh, yes! I'm so sorry -- I'm right in the middle of something. But I will call you RIGHT back."

So I waited for 3-4 hours by the phone and there was no phone call. Then a few more days and still no phone call.

I'd at least appreciate someone saying, "I'm sorry, I've decided to offer the job to someone else; We don't really feel your background is right for the position at this time," ect., ect.

But don't expect to get that courtesy.

From what I can see, unless they are calling YOU, you're not getting the job. And I wouldn't hold my breath waiting, especially if you call and get strung along with no kind of indicator on how it might proceed.

I've found this is how most employers operate. I don't know if they're deliberately being mean, or if they figure this is a way to let you down without having to hear the disappointment in your voice. Either way, it's unprofessional. Just tell people the truth and give them a time frame for when a final decision will be made. If that time frame passes, then you know you didn't get the job.

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winniecooper in New York

78 months ago

it takes time ,you could call the store manager foran update

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