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juflier10 in Silver Spring, Maryland

98 months ago

As some of you may already know, PetSmart is overhauling their way of stocking (at least in my district of MD/PA/VA). They are trying to get all the stores' receiving areas the same with regards to pallet locations. Stockers will be coming in at 4am to stock the merchandise the morning after we receive trucks. Stocking is to be completed no later than 11am. After 11am, there should be no more stocking that day...we'll see how that goes. The night before the stocking, "U-Boats", flatbeds and pallets with pallet jacks will be placed at select locations throughtout the store close to where it will be shelved. That way each stocker works on an assigned pallet (a laminated poster assigns stockers what to work on now as well as a floor plan of the store and where everything is). This way management can see how productive each stocker is, and make sure they get done what they are assigned. It all seems to flow on paper, but we'll see how it works out here. What do you all think (those that know what I'm talking about)??

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MissNicci in Virginia

98 months ago

I think it's PS's way of weeding out employess who don't carry their own weight. Unfortunately, the hard working associates will be the ones to suffer (as always.) I doubt it will be any more productive than any other changes they have made (for associates that it.) PS expects their stores to run like well oiled machines. Too bad they never do the necessary maintenance work, to make sure that machine doesn't "break down."
It's been a few years since I worked there as a dog trainer but, I had many other duties and responsibilities such as stocking. It was not uncommon for me to go in on DC days and stock, do customer service (which included mopping up P+S on the floor), sell & train classes, and clip nails (because the groomers always closed up shop early.) In fact, I worked open to close on DC days. My store was always kept well stocked, even when it was ONLY myself and a pregnant manager doing the stocking. By the time the "night" stockers came in, there was very little left for them to do. PS always amazed me in the fact that they kept all the lazy associates/managers and put the hard working ones through hell and eventually fired them. Go figure. Just my 2 cents.

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juflier10 in Silver Spring, Maryland

98 months ago

Dang, sounds intense where you worked. At least at our store, during the busy stocking days, we have like 4 stockers and 2 more associates to help, and the presentation manager too. So it's not too bad usually. But I agree, it is a way to weed out the poor associates who can't hold their own weight.

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peterl in Brockton, Massachusetts

89 months ago

We are lucky to have 3 people working on shipments/restocks.. It really sucks, we are so understaffed. Luckily I'm leaving, It's so gross working there.

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justalilbit in Phoenix, Arizona

88 months ago

Hmm at my petsmart we usually average anywhere from 9-15 footprints, it's usually me and one of my best friends that work the entire load by ourselves, I dont complain, it's not hard, it's quite easy actually ,we always finish in time except for the fact that we usually don't finish totes cause of us being understaffed in my opinion we're spent by the time totes come around, and no one likes totes I'm sure lol.. We do have a guy that sometimes helps with stocking but he's quite lazy.. he finds any excuse to waste time... I'm apparently his boss and when I tell him to do something, 50% of the time he dont... go-figure.. Other than that I can't really complain, I like the current system cause it leaves the slower people exposed. I usually average about 2 footprints per hour on load days and about 4 footprints per hour on restock days... I think you guys need to find better ways of working things, i.e being more organized, placing things on your u-boat to be subsequent towards how you go down the isle.. for instance if you have something that will go out at the beginning of the isle you should put that on top.

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