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Molzy7687 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

123 months ago

I'm interested in getting a job at Petsmart. I'm currently a senior in college, getting my degree in Animal Science. I want to work 20-30 hours a week, but on weekdays I can only work after 3:30pm or so.

I have 3 1/2 years experience working at a bird boarding facilty, 1 year at a local pet store, 4 years at a local bird rescue, and did an internship this summer at a bird rescue in Colorado. Obviously I have a lot of bird experience, but I have also owned small animals, and worked with small animals, fish and reptiles at the other pet store. I have never been fired from a job, and am still employed at the boarding facility.

I don't know what position to apply for-I am interested in the Pet Care Manager, but it seems like that might be a full time position? So which position should I apply for? I'm not super concerned with how much money I make, but obviously as a college student the more money I can make the better-the tuition bills aren't fun!

Is there a way to apply to multiple stores at once? I am in Minneapolis, MN and there are three stores within easy driving distance from me, and I don't have a preference as to which one I would work at (I might go visit them all and see which one seems to have the best team working there).

Also, I was just reading the notes about dress code. I just got my ears pierced a week ago, with two piercing in each ear. They're very small earrings, and I would be willing to take them out when working but I don't know if they'll be healed in time for an interview, depending on how quickly they get back. Will this influence their decision to hire me, if I am otherwise dressed nicely? I don't have any other piercings or tattoos.

Any other suggestions?

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