If you hate yourself, apply to Pitney Bowes in Philadelphia

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Grown Man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

54 months ago

I'm an employee at the Pitney Bowes in Philadelphia, which is the mailroom of the law firm Morgan Lewis and Bockius.

Originally, I feared posting this negative review.. I mean, This part time job does help me pay the bills. However, i would rather quit and go into DEBT than spend one more hour in this extremely toxic, tiring, depressing environment.

Let me explain:

Working for Pitney is the equivalent of going back to third grade. Your opinions don't matter, your teammates back stab you and take easily rectified mistakes you made to management, instead of speaking to you personally about them like ADULTS do, and you have dozens of people to answer to.

What benefits does someone who isn't above you in rank, who makes the same amount of money you do, who is supposedly your team mate gain by throwing you under the proverbial bus? You must always be on your toes at pitney and trust NO ONE.

And let me continue with management..

Why do they put so much emphasis on a friggin 10 an hour position? Why do they humorously attempt to reprimand you with a stern look on their face like youre a child? Why can't I TALK with the law firm employees for more than a minute?

Doing your job perfectly is not enough. If you do not BOW DOWN to and FEAR the manager, you will NOT LAST. If you find many errors in the mail room process and have the urge to improve things, you will NOT LAST.

If you're an adult and hate being micromanaged and condescended to, like all adults should, YOU WILL NOT LAST.

People at Pitney tend to be lifers. Youre surrounded by people who have absolutely no desire to better themselves who will effortlessly suck any enthusiasm and optimism you may have right out of you.

If you like your days filled with stress, physical exhaustion, pettyness, extremely low pay, micromanaging, jekyll and hydes, snitches, yelling, indignation and gnawing at your soul, then by all means apply with PB.

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abal in Baltimore, Maryland

54 months ago


I applied for a PT Customer Service Associate at Pitney. Found out it was in the mailroom. I got a call from someone in Management Services last week. I called them back and left a message. They called me back; I called back, left another message. Have been playing phone tag.

I've contemplated whether to pursue this or not. It's only 4 hours. Plus, it's the mailroom - how much can you make there (as you mention, low pay).

I think I'll pass.

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Grown Man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

52 months ago

Im on my cell phone being smacked around on a packed train, so forgive me for any errors….

Wow.. a month has passed. I wonder if you took the position or not.

But yeah, for anyone else who may be reading this.. Pitney makes the position (CSA) sound better than what it actually is.

Since I’ve been here, they’ve fooled over 10 people with the job description and they’ve all quit in the first few weeks. I understand why.. Customer Service Associate shouldn’t be the title of this position. It should be “Mail Delivery Guy” for two reasons.

1. Because that’s exactly who you are. First, you button up one of the faded 37 mail room shirts they give you, take five minutes to slip into your extra tight mailroom guy slacks, and spray some bleach in your shoes to kill all of the bacteria and odor build up from the previous day’s walking.

Then you sort and gather all of the mail for all of the floors of the firm, put all of that into a squeaky cart (that’s twice as old as your mother) and circle around the floors for five hours placing mail in the correct legal secretary bin while simultaneously removing mail from their bin to be resorted. Every floor (there’s about five unless your teammate calls out then it’s seven) must be completed in a half an hour.

That’s it. All in all, you’ll be walking about five miles a day carrying mail and boxes.

(cont on next post)

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Grown Man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

52 months ago

Wait, I’m lying. Occasionally, you’ll pick up the phone and answer some questions about mail, place cute stamps on letters and deliver faxes to the fax department, but the majority of the time, you’ll be pushin dat cart.

But wait.. there’s more! You must do your best to fight the urges to speak to others, fart, cough, go to the bathroom or look at your cell phone, because the manager circles around the building trying to catch you “in the act” like the Tyrant in Resident Evil 3.

2. That’s what you’re called by everyone in the law firm. If you’re a woman, you’ll still be called “Mail Delivery Guy.” Don’t take it personal.

Maybe someone 18-22 can handle it (admittedly, it beats retail/fastfood), but to someone older, It feels degrading and slowly people are doing something about it. One girl quit two months ago, another guy is one test away from throwing in the towel, another is leaving for a couple stress-free months before marriage, leaving PB with about 5 lifers who’ve all been there for 15 years each, making 10 dollars an hour. It’s a sinking ship.

Hell, they have five open positions here right now, but none of my job seeking friends will know about it. I cherish their friendship too much.

Anyway, abal.... unless it’s different in Baltimore.. I think you should pass, unless you need the money. I need the money, but I recently realized that it's better to become frugal and use my days to look for something more fulfilling instead of attempting to juggle stressful mornings, the job search and a job.


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Grown Man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

52 months ago

Besides, the majority of positions out there now require at least two interviews before youre hired. PB requires that you tell management that you're going to be out two-three days in advance. It's kinda hard to do that when you get calls for interviews at the last minute. I’m sure you can imagine the shenanigans that has gotten me into.

Additionally, there’s no where for you to go. No incentive to step your game up, because you’ll be paid the same pennies you’ve started with.

If you do take it, Id advise you to get in, stack your money for half a year and GET OUT before you wake up one day and realize that 15 years have gone by, you're making pittance and have become a mailroom slave like everyone else you encounter in the mailroom.

The mailroom is a horrible, degrading work environment. People who handle the mail take it VERY SERIOUSLY so you better not mess up. It's absurd. And the mail/complaints never STOP. Seriously. Never. This sums it up perfectly: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgQGbD47aZA

And to all of you out there who have no problem working in the mail room, you’re all like Kal-El in my eyes. I simply do not have the strength. My father has been in the mailroom for 35 years and when he got out, I asked him what it felt like. His response? “It feels like I’ve been released from JAIL.”


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Grown Man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

52 months ago

He’s now in Brazil. And I believe me, I understand completely.

I cant even look at my own mail now. All my bills are now electronic because even just the feel of an envelope.. or even postage.. makes me want to pull my flip out and transform into a 7 foot muscular green monster.

Lemme wrap things up.. my train stop is approaching..

Admittedly, PB isn’t all bad. PB has lots of good, hardworking people who deserve much more than what is given to them. Some of the most interesting, quirky and funny people I have ever known works at PB. Everyone you assist, (lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries) are a joy to interact with. If networking is your thing, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people. Plus, if you’re interested in law and your PB is set up like mine (which I think a lot are) you’ll have the ability to see how a law firm operates on a daily basis.

That’s cool and all but….

Another 15 or so days and I’ll put in my two weeks… I can’t wait.

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abal in Baltimore, Maryland

48 months ago

Grown Man,

I hope you got out and have found something more enjoyable and rewarding.


P.S. - I didn't pursue the job.

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44 months ago

I worked for pitney bowes and got fired just recently. They are absolutely the worst company ever!! I worked in the mailroom and delivered mail to the people of microsoft..some microsoft emoyee lost a piece of mail and couldnt find it and i had to retrace her freakin steps to find it and eventuly got blamed for it being lost. Even though i showed in my system it had been delivered and signed for. She eventually found it in her office but i was in the doghouse for it. If i hadnt got fired i was damn ready to quit..hate pitney bowes!!!!!

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Lived and learned in Las Vegas, Nevada

35 months ago

Was lied to on several occasions about the security of position and then attempted to trick me into quitting. Had to fight for but won measly 100 week unemployment.

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Mcs Man in Clementon, New Jersey

31 months ago

I thought that working for the Mcs Group was bad, Oy! There is nothing worse than these outsource companies. Any law firm that uses them ought to be ashamed. Law firms should be the bellweather when it comes to fairness, but greed and indifference are now the rule. Grown Man is right about Pitney, but Morgan Lewis should demand better treatment of the P.B. employees, being treated like bathroom monkeys. Outsource workers= low wages, longer hours, weak benifits, Complain to your elected officials, the Bar Association, Pa. Labor Board, anyone. At Mcs, management are pimp like trolls, these mental pygmies should be sent away. I can't for 2014, when Obamacare kicks in and drive them out of business.

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