How to get a job at Preferred Therapy Services.

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Do you work at Preferred Therapy Services? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

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48 months ago

Back in 2008 after doing other jobs and becoming a parent I finished my MBA. Because the job market and the world sucks and everything is based on favortism and politics, I was forced to work as a speech therapy assistant. I made the mistake of working for this company. I was treated like garbage.

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dz0806 in HURST, Texas

47 months ago

When I was fairly new, the CEO sent me out to observe a speech therapy assistant who is now an alternate administrator do feeding therapy. It clearly states that this is not within our scope of practice. She actually gave this child honey thickened liquids. I guess in his mind bc they are friends rules don't apply to her. I have an MBA and I was actually made to take time out of my Saturday to sit there and listen to her tell me how to write. What a joke! She is not a parent and was always making snide remarks to me, which of course was allowed. She had the nerve to tell me I was late to a meeting which was supposed to be for state supervision. Well my supervisor was not there yet, so no not her problem. She needs to learn managerial skills. Her writing is terrible too. She actually writes "patient sick" on a missed visit note. Good ole favortism and politics once again!

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AAA_AAA in Florida

41 months ago

I referred a friend of mine who is a certified billing and coding specialist when they mentioned they had an office position open. It was no surprise when they hired a relative of one of their friends/contractors. Just another way for them to treat me like an outcast as usual. Then a few weeks later I overheard the CEO saying to his friend/SLP that I refer "ghetto", "low quality" people to work there. He also denied this and had an attorney threaten me. Well I heard it and I can provide the exact date. It was also confirmed by the former office manager who also mentioned comments the CFO made about me such as "Who does she think she is referring a friend, we don't even want her here", etc etc etc. It is one this if they just want to pick favorites and hire relatives of friends, but discriminatory remarks are uncalled for. Well good for her because she also gets preferential treatment just like her relative.

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mlis003 in Hurst, Texas

39 months ago

I went to sign a contract to work for this company several years ago. Then the CFO sends me an email saying that my paperwork was submitted to the state. Then for almost a month I hear nothing from them. I call the State Board and they have nothing. If they changed their minds about me working for them they could have been honest and let me know. This was the first of many lies coming from these people not to mention their lack of business etiquette. Working there was horrible.

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mlis003 in Hurst, Texas

39 months ago

This company has a job posting currently that says "personal/professional" portfolio required. Why personal? Oh that's right because they judge you based on irrelevant to work or your qualifications, things like your appearance, marital status, your home, etc. What their friends don't have some relative they can hire?

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