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Updated 5 hours ago

How to get a job at Progressive Insurance. - 211 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nikki"]Didn't get the job[/QUOTE] me either :/

Ex Stoner

Updated 1 month ago

can you get a claims adjuster job with marijuana conviction? - 1 Reply

Im a current Claims adjuster.. No worries i was in same boat. Dont shy about being honest. Just say it was a joint at a concert in your early college...


Updated 1 month ago

Does Progressive pay for air travel to training? - 1 Reply

Your travel should be paid, as well as your hotel and a per diem for daily expenses.


Delay in response post f2f interview

I applied just shy of two months ago and everything seemed to be going fairly quickly. I received email the same day letting me know the f2f went...

Wilson Britney

Updated 1 month ago

Progressive's Background Check - 11 Replies

I just scheduled my interview for progressive insurance sales position in Phoenix Az. I'm worried about the background check. Do they check the dates...

Jclaw in Overland Park, Kansas

Updated 4 months ago

What happens if you don't pass the phone interview? - 2 Replies

Hi,I just got notified that I was not selected after my phone interview. I saw somewhere that you can't take the on line test again till after 60...

Marshe in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 4 months ago

How to move pass the pre-qualification phase with Progressive - 7 Replies

I applied to progressive 1 week ago. I check my status daily, and I'm still in the prequalification stage. How do I move past the prequalification...

Ashleah in Plant City, Florida

Updated 4 months ago

How do I pass a computerized pre-employment exam? - 118 Replies

I tried to apply for Progressive 2 years ago. I have extensive experience, including 5 years with Enterprise Rent a Car, and I couldn't pass the...

Paul in Cleveland, Ohio

Request for My phone interview to be rescheduled for Progressive Customer service representative-inbound call center position

Hello is it normal to get phone interview rescheduled?

Joe in Pembroke, North Carolina

Can anyone help my get a job as a claim adjuster ?

I applied online at for claims adjuster trainnee on Jan 15,2017 my application says its in the pre-qualification stage. How do I...

Rvennet686 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Offer after interview

How long did it take to hear back after an in person interview? I have been offered a Job with another company but I would prefer the position with...

Natali in Austin, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

Progressive Insurance Interview Questions. - 10 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

Needinfo in Ballwin, Missouri

Updated 6 months ago

Completed status - 3 Replies

I had an in person interview a week ago. I was an employee referral. I was told more than the average number of employees are being hired. The day...

Veryeager in Castro Valley, California

Updated 7 months ago

How long after phone interview are you notified?? - 2 Replies

Hi everyone! I completed the phone interview last week Wednesday (Aug 17). It took about an hour and per the lady I interviewed with I did very...

cjones34 in Louisville, Kentucky

Claims adjuster trainee

I was the first person interviewed for The Claims adjuster trainee position (10/28/16) and have not heard anything yet (as of 11/10/16)!! I felt that...

WarriorPrincess in Saint Charles, Missouri

Claims Adjuster Trainee

What is the job entail? What is the day to day job functions? Do you like your job?

sheba in Millington, Tennessee

Updated 9 months ago

Progressive Verbal/Math Pre-Employment Test - 32 Replies

Hello Everyone: First let me say I have taken several pre-employment test and passed them all in previous years. Unfortunately the Prgressive...

T in Staten Island, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Claims Adjuster Trainee Discussion - 3 Replies

I'm going for my face to face interview tomorrow... Wondering if anyone has recently been hired as an adjuster "trainee"? What to expect after the...

Ddinkins in York, Pennsylvania

Updated 13 months ago

Getting a job offer after the on-site interview - 6 Replies

I had my on-site interview with a claims manager at Progressive on 5/18/2016. Today is 5/26/2016 and I still haven't heard a response back from HR...

Ddinkins in York, Pennsylvania

Updated 13 months ago

Delayed Hiring Process? - 13 Replies

Has anyone experience a total lack of organization when dealing with Progressive recruiters? I was supposed to learn whether or not I got the job...

Ddinkins in York, Pennsylvania

Updated 13 months ago

Phone interview with progressive how long till you find out you passed phone interview - 4 Replies

Hopefully someone gots answer

Ddinkins in York, Pennsylvania

Updated 13 months ago

Progressive Insurance Salary Negotiation - 9 Replies

I applied and just completed a phone interview with Progressive for a Claims Adjuster Trainee position. The job description lists a starting salary...

DK21 in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 13 months ago

Claims Adjuster Trainee- received an offer with Progressive Insurance - 2 Replies

Hello, I just received an offer with progressive insurance for the claims adjuster trainee position. I was going through their interview process for...

WaitingIsTough in Copaige, New York

Updated 13 months ago

How long does it usually take? - 2 Replies

I had a phone interview about two weeks ago. I had a f2f on site a week ago. They told me they would start discussing and making picks yesterday. ...

L.C.88 in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Updated 13 months ago

How will I prove my past employment? - 1 Reply

Hello! I'm currently in the lengthy hiring process with Progressive Insurance and have my FINAL interview this week, on-site. I've done the online...

Yvie in Staten Island, New York

Updated 13 months ago

Claims Adjuster Trainee-Response Time - 2 Replies

I applied for a Claims Adjuster Trainee position at Progressive on Thursday, April 28, 2016 and I am still in the Pre-Qualification phase of the...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 14 months ago

Background Check - 1 Reply

Hi Guys , I had my phone interview today I was nervous but I believe it went well overall. I am a little frazzled about my background check. No...

Ryan in Charleston, West Virginia

Updated 16 months ago

Did I not get the job or does it take this long to respond??? - 4 Replies

I applied for the Claims adjuster trainee job in the beginning of Nov.I passed the test and was scheduled phone interview on Nov 23.I had the call...

K in Atlanta, Georgia

Progressive Insurance Pre-employment assessment

Hiya. I'm wondering if anyone has taken the pre-employment assessment RECENTLY. I've read comments on these boards and it looks like the format for...

Candy A in Texas

Quick Question Regarding Claims adjuster trainee...

I have a phone interview coming up and really don't know if they will ask but I worked at Farmer's as a claims adjuster for almost 5 months. However...

xman in Coppell, Texas

Updated 21 months ago

Background check - Is Withheld Adjudication considered as bad as a conviction? - 5 Replies

I recently applied for the call center representative job, and I was wondering if anyone knew if an adjudication of guilt withheld on my criminal...

CircleofPaper in Bakersfield, California

Updated 26 months ago

Background Check Cancellation - 1 Reply

I recently interviewed with Progressive Insurance. I did will on all aspects; i.e. assessment, phone screen and onsite interview. However, I logged...

Christian Breaux in Florida, Florida

Updated 31 months ago

Progressive Insurance Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 1 Reply

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Progressive Insurance? What do you like best about working...

Christian Breaux in Florida, Florida

Updated 31 months ago

Background check at Progressive Insurance - 1 Reply

I was wondering if they won't give you the job if you have bad credit. I know that a lot of people get turned down for having bad credit. Is this...

Christian Breaux in Florida, Florida

Updated 31 months ago

Progressive Insurance News and Happenings. - 5 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Christian Breaux in Florida, Florida

Updated 31 months ago

Progressive Interview - 1 Reply

Is it real hard to get into Progressive and are the interviews a waste of time?

eklish in Germantown, Tennessee

Updated 52 months ago

Progressive Insurance Training Question - 2 Replies

I recently applied for a job at progressive in southern New Jersey and was just curious as to where the 2 week training sessions take place. At their...

eklish in Germantown, Tennessee

Updated 52 months ago

Phone interview for Progressive! - 1 Reply

I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips for the phone interview and person - person interview for progressive? Ive applied and applied,...

dennis bante in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 56 months ago

How long should it take to get a face to face interview after the initial interview? - 2 Replies

I passed the computerized test and had the phone interview. How long should it take a recruiter to contact me for the face to face? It says on my...

Thib in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Updated 68 months ago

I was asked to take the Pre-employment test for the Claims Generalist Trainee... Now what? - 1 Reply

I applied for the position through the site a few days ago and I was sent a link to take an online timed test for the position. It was a series of...

whatshername in San Marcos, Texas

Updated 75 months ago

background check time frame - 4 Replies

Hi! I was informed by my recruiter that I was chosen for the job as a claims contact rep, pending the background check. Anyone know how long it...

Kitty in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Updated 86 months ago

Background check timeframe - 15 Replies

I am currently in the background check part. I was wondering if anyone knew how long that usually takes.

kapusta in Tampa, Florida

Updated 86 months ago

What's the company culture at Progressive Insurance? - 9 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Progressive Insurance? Are people dressed in business casual,...

Hungyen Sung in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 89 months ago

help me up, passed the tests, phone interviews, also had on site interview. - 2 Replies

3 weeks ago, I passed two tests, and had phone interview. A week after that I got an email saying your background check already begin. On that Friday...

longhorn77 in Austin, Texas

Updated 92 months ago

What should I have done? - 1 Reply

Hi, This is for people who made it through the process and got offered a position. How did you answer the questions about conflict? I'd love to...

Charlie in Warrenville, South Carolina

Updated 119 months ago

Help..unable to apply due to no posting on Progressive Website but posting on - 4 Replies

I am currently seeking employment and I am an experienced claims adjuster in New York. I came across a posting on, for "Opening in our...

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