What's the company culture at Progressive Insurance?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Progressive Insurance?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Progressive Insurance?

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alf in Miami, Florida

109 months ago

our dress code is business casual.

no jeans though, just khaki's , slacks, or cargo pants. polo shorts, and you dont even have to tuck your shirt in if you dont want to. (this doesnt always apply in all offices)

enviroment varies greatly, depending on the office, and level of staffing, you will have the older reps who are disgruntled, new ones which are excited to work, and those in the middle.

Typical day in progressive is different every day. Hard to really put into words, but my favorite thing about my job at progressive is my coworkers, everyone is educated and easy to get along with, never have i worked at a job where i can say i like all my coworkers. we do get together all the time, you have to with this job, otherwise you will go crazy.

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Nicolas in Mesa, Arizona

108 months ago

Hey Alf! I just read your posting on Progressive and I am interested in talking with you more. I just passed the test and I have my phone interview tomorrow with my recruiter. I have yet to hear what the starting salary for claims adjuster trainee is. Can you help me?

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from above in Galveston, Texas

104 months ago

I would also like to know the starting salary for a claims adjuster.

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Gemini1999 in Citrus Heights, California

100 months ago

I don't work at Progessive yet, but I will start on the 17th of this month. I was told that it was business casual, but when I was at the Rancho Cordova office, I saw people dressed in levis, etc., but everyone still looked nicely dressed. Not a shabby looking person in sight. I did ask the recruiter about it and she did say that denim was acceptable, but she also told me that if you thought that something that you were wearing was questionable, then it would be better off to wear something else.

When it comes to the office itself, the facilities were beautiful. Very modern, neat, clean and nice to look at. They even had a cafeteria in the building and a gym as well. Above all, the people seemed happy to be there and everyone I met was very nice. I'm really looking forward to working there.

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lifequesting in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

97 months ago

I am a claims rep with Progressive in a rural Georgia office. As Alf said the culture largely depends on the office you work in. Progressive standards are business casual, in our office that means khaki pants and a polo shirt, no jeans or shorts. The culture in my office is pretty good, most of my co-workers and management get along at work. Outside of the quarterly team buidling activities though, we don't really get together for happy hour or anything. I'm lucky in my office because almost everyone is experienced and competant, so this means everyone handles their own work and the management does not have to babysit. I know in other "younger" offices it can be a nightmare because everyone is new and inexperienced, which leads to those with experience cleaning up other peoples messes (and to resenting, rather than mentoring them) and to stressed out management(and nobody wants that). This leads to a viscous cycle because it increases turnover, meaning the office stays "young" forever. This is not just a Progressive issue, it can be an issue for any company.

The main negative issue I have with Progressive's culture is that they pretend to really care for their employees. I think they care, I just don't think they really care. The care because if they didn't they would have bad turnover and training human capitol costs money. But they don't really care, because they are a For Profit business. Employees are just one of the many costs of doing business. Period. I get this, again its business. I for one and I think a lot of employees would appreciate some real honesty in this regard, rather than the constant smoke up the ass Work Environment Surveys that lead to nothing but more surveys.

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mackya99 in New Berlin, Wisconsin

96 months ago

What is the starting salary of a claims adjustor trainee?

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kapusta in Tampa, Florida

76 months ago

Does anyone work in Customer Service in the Riverview, FL location, or know someone who does?
If so, what is it like?
In many big insurance companies, phone team staff hate their jobs, feel that supervisors and everyone up play favorites and have unreasonable and everchanging demands (production minimums, error reporting).

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kapusta in Tampa, Florida

76 months ago

Also, what is the physical location of the Riverview office (address)?

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kapusta in Tampa, Florida

73 months ago

They are hiring via Monster.com for CSRs in "Tampa 33578". Where is that? In Riverview, Florida?
What's the street address?

(Before, I saw an address of 4030 Crescent Park Drive, Riverview FL *33569*)

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