What should I have done?

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sfrank7381 in Milton, Vermont

109 months ago


This is for people who made it through the process and got offered a position. How did you answer the questions about conflict? I'd love to know what they're looking for in how to handle conflict.

This is what got me rejected. I made it through the computer testing and phone interview with ease. However, the feedback from the in-person interview was they didn't want me because they didn't feel comfortable with how I'd handle confrontation.

This baffles me. I have a college degree, interned with a MLB team, and have been a newspaper editor for the past eight years. At my last paper, I twice won employee of the year honors. As a result, I had some good examples for the STAR approach. However, I guess that since I never had a co-worker want to kill me and that I had a great story on how I survived, I'm SOL.

I shared disagreements that I've had and gave examples of how I used communication and understanding to prevent these situation from escalating. Apparently they weren't good enough.

I really want to move into the claim adjuster field. I'm not giving up, I'll look elsewhere, but I don't want this to be what stops other companies from hiring me. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

Thank you very much!!!

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longhorn77 in Austin, Texas

93 months ago

At least they offered you some kind of feedback about what did you have might answered wrong. For me, was kind of frustrating to have passed the difficult tests and phone interviews and not have passed the face to face interviews. They took two hours making the same questions. I studied their STAR process to aproached behavioral questions. They call me saying that I did not passed the face to face interviews, even though, they said, I showed them I can resolve conflicts in a good way. So, then, why did they not hire me? I don't know. They did not say it. I am just upset to have lost aprox. 7 hours in their long hiring process for nothing.

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