Arkansas is a right to work state. No unions, but complaints

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thesmoke in Arkansas

100 months ago

Seems like there's a lot of people thinking unions will make things better. Yea right. Been there and done that. But, go for it if you really think it helps. Arkansas as well aas a few other states have just as many complaints, but no union requested. We all have bad supervisiors and uneducated higher ups.But, there's always a way to get back at stupid people. So, let's hear it with our form as to happening in Arkansas. Maybe in time California, Nevada and many others will get there state involved so we know if one state is better than another. At lease the company we all work for.

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Employee in Teterboro, New Jersey

100 months ago

To (thesmoke), The so-called "Sheeple" in this Company and/or Country are led by a very Sophisticated and a Brainwashing Ideology (Called Communism)... Let me Explain, A Communist State wants the People (Sheep and/or Employees) to be Nothing More than an Indentured Servant to the State and/or Corporation, a contract by which a Person and/or Employee is bound to "Servitude". A condition in which an individual lacks liberty esp. to determine his or her course of action or way of life; specifically : the state of being a slave.

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