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chemist in Hartford, Connecticut

119 months ago

Has anyone working in the other Quest Labs around the US gotten the results back from the employee survey we took last fall? In CT we didn't even get a hard copy of the results and our supervisor didn't go over in detail what the results where. It was just stated that everyone in our dept. is happy and that the employees think they're not getting paid enough. Just wanted to know what the other Quest Labs encountered.

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mr_logistics in Traverse City, Michigan

118 months ago

Sorry, those are a joke. Where I worked, we were to sit down with the employees, walk around them, look over their shoulder while they were completed.

I know of some supervisors who would read them after the mtg was conducted and would destroy the negative ones.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the stories I could tell from 20 years in management there. Actually only the last few years were bad.

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sweetwater in Memphis, Tennessee

49 months ago

Employee surveys are a waste of time if nothing is ever done with the input/feedback.

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