To All Quest Diagnostics Employees who are contemplating "Union Representation"... Some more Facts and Figures.

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Employee in Teterboro, New Jersey

122 months ago

Listed below are the officers from Quest Diagnostics along with their salaries for the last two (2) years 2006, 2005. For your safety please sit down when you read these numbers. Keep in mind that this information was obtained from the U.S. Compensation database website based on filings made by Quest Diagnostics.

Surya N. Mohapatra Phd.
Year 2006 total compensation ($9,076,699)
Year 2005 total compensation ($2,421,860)

Look at the numbers above. For the year 2005 total compensation $2,421,860. Yes, Dr. Mohapatra received a raise of over Six Million Dollars! ($6,000,000.00) Pretty Nice, don’t you think? God Bless America.

Michael Provoznik
Year 2006 earned a total of ($1,868,427)
Year 2005 earned a total of ($670,006)

Between 2005 and 2006 he tripled his salary. Not Bad!

David M. Zewe
Year 2006 earned a total of ($2,137,088)
Year 2005 earned a total of ($788,022)

Within one year he also tripled his salary!

Robert A. Hagermann
Year 2006 earned a total of ($3,236,119)
Year 2005 earned a total of ($890,000)

We could go on and on but you get the idea of what these greed heads are all about.

Now take a moment and ask yourself this one simple question. Did I triple my salary between 2005 and 2006?

According to these millionaires they alone were responsible for the growth in 2005 and 2006 at Quest Diagnostics.

Not you, not your hard work, not your working long hours, not your fighting traffic and the elements. THE CORPORTAE GREED HEADS WERE RESPONSIBLE.

The company grew because of YOU.

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