Quest Diagnostics Histology BU in West Hills, CA

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HT and CT in Los Angeles, California

100 months ago

I was hoping to start a discussion particularly about the Histology business unit in West Hills, CA because of its high turnover rate and other deficiencies. I am in the process of leaving the company (after less than a year). Here are my personal thoughts and observations on Quest Diagnostics and some of its managerial staff in West Hills, CA:

1.) TOP PAY IN AREA--I was happy (at first) when hired. They offer one of the top salaries in the area for HTs because (as I later found out), they cannot keep their workers.
2.) NEW EMPLOYEES--So far, most new employees are from out of state or new to the field. This is because most HTs in Southern California have already heard horror stories about Quest and tend to stay the hell away.
3.) TURNOVER RATE--is ridiculously high. On average, one employee leaves per month.
4.) MANAGERIAL STAFF--(at this point in time) are inadequately educated to run a laboratory. 90% of the lab aides have more education then they do; they at least have Bachelor’s degrees.
5.) MANAGEMENT STYLE—classical/Theory X—management believes all workers do not want to work, so they must be carefully watched and given specific job duties. Want to embed for the rest of your life? Go to Quest. Cut? Quest. Print labels? Quest. They lack a total understanding of Human Relations Theory.
6.) INFLEXIBLE SCHEDULE--Once you are hired, do not expect to move your times whatsoever. Lab first, you second.
7.) QUEST AS A COMPANY—HR does not look out for the benefit of you, only Quest. Vacation time is inadequate, no sick time. Bereavement time is a joke, 1 day. HPAP and Six Sigma is a joke. People in suits who have not one iota of knowledge about your job make rules for you to follow.

If you want to try Quest, go for it, but at least do one thing, deny the sign-on bonus because if you do, they own you for 2 years.

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olekela in Los Angeles, California

100 months ago

I’m in the cytology department in the same building and I’ve heard horror stories about your department and I’ve seen so many people come and go, many of them I was very close to. People are always complaining and I think it’s just that the supervisor lacks people skills. I’ve heard stories about her and the attitude she has and how she treats the employees. Since I’m not in the department I wouldn’t know but I’ve heard the department wasn’t all bad before D became supervisor. My department has a high turnover rate because we don’t get paid well but the supervisors are nice except for one who’s nice sometimes. I think its just Quest as a whole, they need to pay more attention to the employees needs.

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mamad in Covina, California

100 months ago

I totally agree with both above comments....QUEST is not even a good company to send your specimens to because --they either lose them or have constant mistakes because the employees are over-worked....I worked at the Quest in West Hills 2 years ago or so...and the people in the histology deparment are great except for upper management.......TERRIBLE! they could care less about you...i had to leave because it was effecting my health. The superivor back then (now Manager) does not know much about histology to begin with. Her supervisor skills are way below average and does not look out for her employees...Its very sad.

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Jaded Past in Glendale, California

96 months ago

Update: 20 people have left the Quest Histology Dept. West Hills BU since July of 2007. 6 Lab Aides, 12 HTs, 1 Lead Tech, and 1 Supervisor. Do you think that is an adequate reflection of the lab? Yet HR has done nothing to curb the turn over.

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truthwillprevail in West Hills, California

77 months ago

I left Quest Diagnostics West Hills histology department after more than a year of blatant harassment. One thing Quest does not like is a whistle blower, and they definitely retaliate if you point out anything they are doing wrong/illegal. I personally witnessed many gross mistakes with patients' tissues and intentional coverups by the supervisor, manager, and medical director to protect the employee and the lab, instead of doing the right thing and admitting these ERRORS. The ethics of this department is ZERO. Anything they can do to HURRY and MAKE MONEY...putting many many patients at risk. The staff is NOT TRAINED, and many are not licensed. They will tell you up front, "This is not a training facility." So don't expect to learn anything here. There is no hope for advancement in the field or in this institution. You are an overworked drone They do not have ONE SINGLE licensed Pathologist Assistant doing the grossing and many of them are NOT PROPERLY TRAINED. The grossers have been observed switching patients tissues and then when reported, management covers up these life threatening actions to avoid CAP and JHACO shut downs and lawsuits. I have seen many cases turn legal in this department due to lost tissue and ERRORS. The turn around time has been reduced to less than 5 days after years of struggling to catch up with impending shut downs from CAP. Quest's mission is totally bogus. They don't care about the patient, or the employee- only money. I would be scared to death if my biopsy went to QUEST> I know they are ill equipped to handle the amount of work they have at the West Hills Business Unit but cannot keep qualified employees due to the poor working conditions and hateful harassing management. Poor lighting, poor seating, crappy equipment. Nobody there is happy, it is a miserable place to be. Anyone that accepts a position here is totally uneducated, misinformed or DESPERATE. WARNING: THE SIGN ON BONUS IS A TRAP! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. YOU WILL REGRET IT!

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tooranzadeh in Mission Viejo, California

61 months ago

find job

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