Quest Diagnostics Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Quest Diagnostics?

Any advice on striking the right note?

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daleigha in Texas

120 months ago

I was given general scenarios, such as... "You see that a co-worker is abusing the break schedule, what do you do?", or "Give us 3 examples of something positive that you have accomplished", and my personal favorite, "Tell us about a negative experience you've had in the workplace, and tell us what steps you took to relieve the situation." Quest is heavy on employee relations, and its a good thing, because we rely heavily on teamwork. Of course, experience and education are always important, and Quest seems to be more appreciative of education; but we also strive to hire positive people with strong interpersonal and problem resolution skills.

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juliechapman in Detroit, Michigan

84 months ago

I was recently hired in (their hiring process takes A LONG time) so you have to work through a temp agency on Quest's behalf until HR finally gets to you. It's been nearly a month & they don't expect that I'll be hired in officially until after the New Year--I suspect this has just a LITTLE bit to do w/the fact that if I'd been hired in before Christmas they would have had to pay me for 2 holidays.

Anyway, so far I LOVE it there!!

In terms of the interview, I was hired after the second time I was interviewed (for 2 different positions about a year apart).

My 2nd interview took and hour & 1/2 & it was BRUTAL!! In my experience they asked a TON of "not what you WOULD do in specific scenarios, but EXAMPLES of what YOU HAVE done in certain given instances working PAST jobs".

I thought that I was doing ok but then blanked on a question & said "Oh, I'm SO bad at this!!"

As soon as I said that, both interviewers were VERY encouraging and told me that I was doing great (especially by comparison to others).

They were not lying because I actually got the job.

I haven't been there long yet but have wanted to work for them ever since they were Metpath...then Corning. Finally, I have been hired after 20 years of wishing I had a job at a place like that.

I just hope that all the bad remarks I've read are simply disgruntled employees who Quest really had a good reason to terminate. On the other hand, I read A LOT of bad things, I just hope it's not true.

The starting pay is NOT great but they do have EXCELLENT benefits. I am grateful to have a job at all. I am also very proud to be a Quest employee.

Those of you that have been badmouthing Quest so terribly may know MUCH more than I do(I'm sure that you do) after having worked there long-term. Still, I am going to do my job to the best of my ability and hope that I will eventually be rewarded accordingly. I am hoping to that there is plenty of room for advancement in the future.

Good luck to all

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ceclove in Downers Grove, Illinois

62 months ago

i have had two interviews with quest and yet to hear anything its beens over 3 weeks what should i do if anything?

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