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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Quicken Loans stack up against the competition?

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128 months ago

Bobby in Tempe, Arizona said: They are expanding big time. Will they thrive? not is AZ.

Why? they make people work like 60-65 hours a week and the pay is only 50k.

That isn't great for all the time you put in.

Directors make 200-300k while you make 50k. PLUS, the bankers who have promotions and have been there 2 years earn 2 TIMES what you earn for doing the same loan. Your pay per loan = 200 and theirs is = 400-500$.

It is tough to stick around if you do well. If you are mediocre you can say to yourself, I'm not earning $ because I'm average. But if you do well, you can only say, "I'm not earning money because... Why am I not making money?!"

In the end, it is a pyramid scheme. If you make it through the initial 2 years then you can get promotions to either a director or presidents club, then you make money. You make 100k +. If not, then you sit around making 40-60k working 60 hours a week. That isn't good pay. Not in mortgages.

Other places pay twice as much and the leads Quicken uses are rough nasty internet leads unless you are a 2 year veteran (which means in bounds all day).

In the end Quicken will hit a point where they oversaturate. Too many bankers and not enough leads, they hire 200 people a month with 2000 person sales force, it won't be long before everyone's pay drops and Quicken upper management is laughing all the way to the bank.

Great sales training though there. If you can sell at Quicken then you can sell anywhere. If you can get a job at a good place though, you make double.

So the question is this: is the great fun environment worth half of your pay or more? If the answer is yes, then you apply and stay. If no, then you go make money at a good place.

I agree totally. My health went down hill working almost 80 hrs a week. and if you do not work those hours they tell you that is not enough effort and you are replaceable. horrible place to work. #1 company to work for? if you like sweatshops.

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128 months ago

Karen Dybis / The Detroit News in Cleveland, Ohio said: are loan consultants, Emerson said.

It also is known as one of Metro Detroit's best employers, ranking No. 12 on Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For 2005" list.

Paul Lucas, an attorney with Nichols Kaster & Anderson PLLP in Minneapolis representing the loan consultants, said his firm hopes the case will become a class-action lawsuit involving as many as 500 former loan consultants.

To become part of the lawsuit, people must have worked as a loan consultant for any Quicken office within the past three years.

Lucas said companies like Quicken have a sweatshop mentality when it comes to mortgage sales. Traditionally, loan officers sit down with their clients. Quicken and others have reduced the entire exchange to a telephone conversation or online query.

"These people are order-takers, basically," Lucas said. "You've got these people at call centers wearing head sets following on the company's leads or making cold calls. All they do is fill a computer screen with the information, and the corporation kicks back what kind of loan to offer."

Whatever current and ex employees are saying is true. they work you to death. they brainwash you from day one. the people who work there that make the money are the ones who love ripping people off. you make $11hr and work over 60. charge clients a $500 deposit to do the loan and say they get it back at closing? they have us raise the loan amount so it looks like there giving it back. they have us all clients at least 4-5x aday. They make billions and cannot even pay there employees. sweatshop is true. and you are made to eat at your desk and have a cafetria also. they spend millions on basketball teams and other things but cannot pay us. only way to make any money is to raise the points on someones loans and that is how you make the money. otherwise you do not make anything. if you are good at ripping people off then this is 4 u.

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nsl in West Bloomfield, Michigan

98 months ago

Thegodfather515 in Southfield, Michigan said: I am a Quicken Employee and I have been with the company for a little under 1 and a half years. SO MANY things happened in my life since I've been here, that happened before. I bought my first home, saved $70,000, built a great reputation for myself and my business here. In regards to all the statements about people working overtime, and not being paid for it, Quicken DOES NOT require you to work overtime. The company has goals to be met at every month, just like every other company, and a lot of the people have trouble hitting goals, mainly because the job is not for everyone. You have to have passion. drive, and remain positive. We have something we live by called "Work Smarter, Not Harder". I made $84,000 my first year here, and if you ask my Sales Director, I probably put the least amount of hours out of my region. It is NOT about the hours you work, it is about getting things done, because paying out Salaries starting out at 2k a month is impossible if you are not getting your job done. If you know anyone in the country willing to pay a Salary of 2k or more a month to sit down and play computer games all day, PLEASE let me know so I can make sure I don't have stocks in that company, lol. Again to EVERYONE on this forum, Best of luck to you wherever you are, and Work SMARTER, Not HARDER!

I find it difficult to believe your report isn't canned by the company because from what I was told today since I just interviewed at Quicken this week and here;s what they said:
#2: The base salary is $23,000 a year - You would have to be a seasoned professional to get above $50,000 in the first 2 years- Yes, they told me this. At least THEY were very honest.
#3: The environment I witnessed reminded me of the movie "Wallstreet" and the office that the main character worked at as a broker!

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