Is Resource Associates Corporation a SCAM?

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telling the truth in Baltimore, Maryland

50 months ago

NO, NO, NO!!! Resource Associates Corporation is NOT A SCAM!!!!

Let’s tell the truth about Resource Associates Corporation (RAC) for the first time in the almost four years of these forums. Here is my experience with RAC. Yes, I am a RAC affiliate, but first and foremost, I am an entrepreneurial, independent business person.

Is Resource Associates Corporation hiring employees?

No, if you want to work for someone else and get a W-2 at the end of the year, then RAC is not for you. And RAC does not misrepresent this fact. A current RAC add for a Consultant/Trainer clearly states, “Expanding firm needs independent consultants to be part of our team!” None of their ads are misleading. As this ad states they are indeed expanding, they are looking for more independent consultants, and the “team” refers to the affiliate network and the RAC support staff, both of whom are only a phone call or e-mail away.

Like any other opportunity, RAC is not for everyone.

Is the recruitment staff truthful, even though their answers seem evasive?

Yes, they are being truthful in everything they say. And yes, their answers to questions might be PERCEIVED as evasive. But in all fairness, it is virtually impossible for someone to comprehend all that RAC is and does without attending the Mutual Evaluation. And then, you will still not fully appreciate what RAC has to offer you until you attend Fast Start Training.

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telling the truth in Baltimore, Maryland

50 months ago

I realized that I mentioned the Mutual Evaluation and did not explain what it was. So, here is what I experienced at my Mutual Evaluation.

The RAC leadership team provides a 30,000 foot overview of the RAC approach to the design and development of all of their processes. Then you are given at least 2 hours over the 1.5 days to review any and all of their materials. I have spent the past 22 years in instructional design and when I saw the RAC materials, my thought was, “why didn’t I think of this approach.” An overview of their approach to goal planning, the three individual assessment tools, the Total Quality Institute and the Institute for Sustainability are also provided. And, yes you are interviewed by at least 4-5 members of their recruitment team, after all it is a “mutual” evaluation. You are not asked to make a decision at the mutual evaluation. In fact, they encourage you to take time to think about it. This is NOT a high pressure sales pitch as has been previously described.

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