What's the company culture at RR Donnelley?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at RR Donnelley?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at RR Donnelley?

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goodluck-lol in Anytown

68 months ago

I agree with the posts here. This place has gotten worst and worse over the years, and now they are really destroying the environment. They treat you like a slave and don't treat you with respect at all. It's a real joke. I have never worked for such a dictatorship in my life, or do I recommend anyone with self respect ever work there. It's probably great if you have a cushy job in an ivory tower somewhere, but if you are on the front lines in one of the manufacturing locations you are a liability from the start. If you can't produce gold eggs, and shoot them out your ass, you might as well not work there. One one more thing, a pack of chips has better leadership than the plant I work at.

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paulreese in Warrenville, Illinois

47 months ago

3-A TYPICAL DAY AND LIFE AT DONNELLEYS-FIRST YOU feel like a mushroom kept in the dark and feed you BULL!!!! second-you cant do good enough anymore,if you meet goals you are accused of cheating,so goals are reset out of reach by people wo dont have a clue,who have never printed before,then you get wrote up then steps are takin to fire you.They need to remove the word BENEFITS from thier website because if you call paying $600-700 for horrible insurance a benefit,I have something to sell you because you must have more money than brains.

I hear that you folks get free slushies and play golf in the hallways....sounds horrible...I barely have time to finish my crossword puzzle, let alone play GOLF!!!!

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3DModer in Allentown, Pennsylvania

41 months ago

In an effort to get back onto the actual topic, the best answer to this question is extremely dependent on a number of things. Is the position office, manufacturing, or warehouse? What location is the job. Is it a union plant? Each location has it's strengths and weaknesses, but there's usually a reoccurring pattern.
I'm sure the offices are nice. They're climate controlled, quiet, comfortable, and just about any position in them doesn't really require manual labor. Attire certainly isn't suit and tie, button down and tie at best. Manufacturing requires a decent amount of labor and lifting, and can get dirty at times, so whatever you're comfortable wearing really. Depending on what's produced there, it will most likely be climate controlled to protect the products. There ARE dress codes though, but mostly for little things. Mostly likely will require steel-toe shoes. The warehouse though is the roughest. Typically no climate control (so it WILL get ridiculously hot/cold and humid/dry), hefty amount of manual labor, and usually some really screwy hours.
Because of the type of work it does, work fluctuates a lot, so they have to have a good deal of temp workers; most often those with poor work ethic and that are disrespectful of the facilities.
If you're lucky they might throw an occasional food treat to the employees for some minor accomplishment every couple months. My plant at least does an annual picnic.

I feel though that the actual business practices and treatment of employees are significantly different than the type of 'culture' one might be looking for when asking this question. For that you're probably better off looking up reviews for the location in question, in which case, don't let yourself be fooled by extremely opinionated 5 or 1 star reviews. As far as actual operations though for anyone outside the offices, don't be surprised by nepotism, disorganization, poor equipment, and either ridiculous overtime or an absurd lack of work.

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Levittown in Levittown, Pennsylvania

30 months ago

Work'd at the Philly plant for 23 years. The president and his cronies set me up and let me go along with many other good employees. Previous presidents were much better at running the company. This guy looks out for himself only and cares very little about the employees

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Operator in Willard, Ohio

19 months ago

I have worked at donnellys for over 15 years. This company has drasticly declined . They constantly find new ways to squeeze every dime from its workers. We have the worst medical/benefits in the area. They treat you horrible if you get injured at work. They have many policys and stuff to take overtime pay away from you. Winshare is a joke now, they made it immpossible to achieve. We combined Merit raises with cost of living into one, now your lucky to get 1% increase. Theirs so much more to say about this company. If you choose to with here for a career, you will so be disappoint ed.

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CHarding1986 in Chicago, Illinois

2 months ago

I heard something about Vanguard Funds.

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