Is this unethical?

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miserable in temp land in Woburn, Massachusetts

71 months ago

I'm currently on a temp assignment and am absolutely miserable (it started as a 5 month contract but a bunch of us were recently notified that our contracts were extended indefinitely). I got the job through my father, who works at the same company but was referred to a local temp agency to set up paperwork and whatnot. At the end of November, I logged onto the temp agency website and made myself "available" for future assignments as I'm looking to leave this current assignment as soon as possible. I even applied to a few in the hopes I could get reassigned.

A different recruiter, in a different location but the same agency called me about one of the jobs that I applied for and has a few others she wants to submit me for in case this one doesn't work out. I was talking to my Dad about it and he said that it's unethical for the temp agency to be recruiting me for another assignment when I'm currently on one.

So I have a few questions I hope someone can answer. Is it unethical for the temp agency to find me another assignment even if I applied to the position and it's a different recruiter? I didn't technically get the temp job through this agency, in fact, I've only ever talked to the recruiter who set up my paperwork ONCE. Should the recruiter that I've been in talks with know that I'm technically with this temp agency? I don't want to leave my current position even though I'm miserable if I don't have another position lined up. But since this recruiter has multiple positions potentially lined up, I don't want to lose out on the opportunities if it is unethical for the temp agency to recruit me for a different assignment when I'm currently in one indefinitely.

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Rafi in Boston in Norfolk, Virginia

71 months ago

As a former recruiter for randstad, I would not worry about one agent vs another at Randstad. You are on a temporary assignment "indefinitely" which means you do not get benefits and your job could end at any moment. When you make yourself available for employment on the website it is not viewed by staff and if you are already placed through them it is nearly impossible to get a new assignment. They are already making money from you hourly and there are no complaints so they will want to add someone to a new position to make more money (as they should, it is a business).

If you are able to get a position with a different position from another agent I would take it. I would also remember that if you are temporary for them, they should be temporary for you. There were many people working for a full year or more at positions that we just called on a Friday to let them know not to go back Monday.

They are a good company for a staffing agency but they are not the place to be to build a career.

Best of luck

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Curtis in Simpsonville, South Carolina

67 months ago

Uh, Rafi in Boston--I hate to break it to you but yes, this is completely unethical on the part of the Randstad recruiter.

If I were this guys father (at the company) I would immediately inform H.R. and have the HR manager speak with the account manager at the office in which they have the contract account. Granted he is "temporary" with Randstad, and he can leave on another assignment, but only if he is hired away by a rival or other contract service firm. Not another Randstad office.

I have been a contactor as well as a direct employee for over thirty plus years and if I were the client, and I had heard of this--every Randstad employee would be out the door that day and rehired through another firm.

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kay in Spring, Texas

43 months ago

I have a similar question i had to quit randstad unnotice on a weekday but its been seven months am i allowed to.go back and be a rehire

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