Warning about Ranstand Fake Job Postings. (Pointe Claire - Lasalle)

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Tony in Montreal, Quebec

35 months ago

In 2011 Ranstand had posted well paying jobs in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and Manufacturing
with an starting pay rate of $19.26 an hour, but after going there in person and meeting with their
recruiters for the job posting of $19.26 an hour, they instead started to offer other job types of
much lower pay rates of $13.00 an hour, and stated, once these jobs become "available" I would be considered for the opening.
But currently these job postings are listed to obtain candidates for future positions.

So not only did they waste my time and hopes of obtaining a sound position with good pay, but they
also wasted my gas money to drive into Montreal 45 minutes (each way), I was very disappointed with
them at the Ranstand Pointe-Claire Location, please be warned for any openings they promise,
they will make all kinds of promises on the phone, but they do not delivery in person!

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Bryce in South Gate, California

20 months ago

Amazing how things stay the same with Randstad I applied for a position that sounded good in the description and even got a call back to set up an interview and was told they would get back to me. Then nothing from Randstad Rep, I called them after 3 days and was told job was pulled. Four weeks later Randstad calls me for an $8 job which I turned down but during conversation, the rep is scanning my resume and has a better position but I need to go to a company direct interview in one hour. which led to second interview with all the application fill outs. I had no contact from Randstad so I called them and was told the job was filled. Way to do a professional callback to let people know yeah or nay, have closed my account with Randstad.

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randstad point-claire / lasalle in Montréal, Quebec

20 months ago

I had the same problem, they advertised high paying salary, I submitted my resume, they called me in to fill out a profile and interview, I went and I was offered a different job then the one I was fully qualified for... they were trying to push me to
take this other job until the main one I had applied for became available, and that as soon as it was available, I would be first choice.

So I wasted $20 in gas just to drive there, and such a waste of time, they only wanted to fill lower paying positions.

quantum agency is the same thing... don't waste your time people... unless you like $6/hr jobs.

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