What is good about Raytheon?

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Zion in El Segundo, California

117 months ago

I went successfully through interviews with Raytheon and got an offer.
To my surprise I learn that Raytheon since 2006 no longer has a traditional pension plan for new hires. That used to be the main perk from Fortune 100 companies.
Also I lean that there are no incentives like quarterly or semi-annual bonuses, profit sharing, and stock options.
Coming from other industry, comparably Raytheon has 50% less of total benefits in dollar equivalent to offer.
Adding to that, when HR person found out that I’m a house owner they removed the house sell part from the relocation policy. Very nice way to attract potential employees!

I understand that in some areas of the country Raytheon or similar corporation is the only game in town, but other ways, what do you find attractive? What left from those strong benefits like pension plan and solid relo package?

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kr in Tucson, Arizona

114 months ago

Actually Raytheon has some of the best benefits in the industry and among Fortune 100 companies. businessweek.com reported on it this year in their "best places to work at" article. Also, you get paid your salary, overtime, spot awards, acheivement awards and a performance payout (bonus).

Don't know about you specific situation, but I've seen relo's in the $100's range. It just depends what level of job your looking for and your skills. If you are a junior engineer, forget getting more that $50k. Also, if they find someone local that is as good and they don't have to pay relo, then they consider that as well.

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rafisawaf in Tampa, Florida

96 months ago

Based on employees that I have spoken to. (from several different locations) Raytheon seems like a great place to work. Im not sure where everyone else is in their carrer paths, but having the oppurtunity to strive in a large company, work your way up, and have the chance to be able to further your education sounds great to me. They seem to always be pushing to increase diversity within the work place. I respect that for many reasons. One reason for being just the experience of learning about different cultures and different people that you would usually find your self around outside of the work place. The slight chance of increasing tolerance, or decreasing discrimination is a great thing. I dont know much about their benefits and bonuses, but I have always experienced that if you do your job well all of that will come naturally. Be if through your current employer or next.

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terals2003 in Ventura, California

94 months ago

I find that the benefits are very good, however I don't agree with Rafi about the diversity part. Maybe it's just that I happen to work in Goleta/Santa Barbara, but I find absolutely no diversity here. Sadly, I have grown used to people smashing themselves up against the wall in a 6ft wide hallway just to make absolute certain that they don't accidentally touch a minority.

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fatboy in Boston, Massachusetts

89 months ago

Raytheon has awsome benefits .Actually just look at what they have to offer standard. Weekly pay , weekends off , 24 days in the year off paid( st pat's day , mem day etc..) 10 day paid christmas vacation , 1 weeks paid thanksgiving vacation and much much more ( lets not get into the actual benefits they offer, such as discounts at retailers( best buy , walmart ,verizon) blue cross blue shield for your whole family, pension , retirement plans etc) . Its geting extremely hard to find companys that give benefits like these . You walk in there dressed preety much how you want . No one gets in your face about bs or harrasses you . See the way i look at it is , Raytheon is a "real" company . were you go in at 7am do what you gotta do and leave at 3pm no questions asked , no one screaming or bothering you while in the process . What more can you ask for ? if anyone thinks that this multi BILLION dollar company has nothing to offer , well then simply keep it moving lol . There are thousands of people that are willing to climb on board in there , shoot just the fact that you can have time for your self and family becuase there schedueling is awsome is great. good luck

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HelperBot in Manhattan Beach, California

75 months ago

To the person that said forget 50k...you're crazy. If you're in El Segundo, most new hires make at least 60k. The benefits suck (apparently they're worse for new hires now). As for salary overtime, don't count on that. They do A LOT of work extra time on this, but don't put it on the timecard. Raytheon recently lost a court battle over this. Spot awards? You're kidding right? Same with achievement awards. I take that back, if you put in monstrous hours, they will give you a cardboard achievement poster "atta-boy." They don't even give you a real frame.
Benefits...forget about that. You get an inflated salary though. From these comments, I'd say go work in Mass. instead of El Segundo.

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mastick in State College, Pennsylvania

36 months ago

It's impossible to say what Raytheon's benefits and culture are like as a company overall. You have to specify the division, often the site, and sometimes the specific program/contract (yes, it can vary that much). I know people whose experience was like HelperBot's; mine was more like fatboy's.

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