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AAWgal in Birmingham, Alabama

63 months ago

I've been with Regus now almost 14 years. I've been through many mergers and many changes through out the years. Some I agree with and some I do not. The great thing is most of the changes I don't agree with have always changed again. Regus is ever changing and if you are not open to changes then this is not the right place for you. The benefits are great. You won't find another company that allows you to accrue time off immediately after starting plus all of the paid and floating holidays we get. Your learning is endless. I am still learning today. I love getting to know all of the different companies and their employees that have space with us. Through my years I visited many centers and worked with many wonderful people. I had the opportunity to attended 2 global conferences one in Orlando FL and the other in Paris, France. I can't imagine working anywhere and feeling the sense of accomplishment each and every day!

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DreadPirateRoberts in Somewhere in Asia

63 months ago

I totally agree with you. Though I haven't been with Regus as long as you have, I can tell already that it is exactly what I want to be doing now, and for the foreseeable future. There are plenty of opportunities not only for personal growth and knowledge, but also NUMEROUS instances in my region of people starting off as customer service reps, proving their worth, and becoming center managers and even an area operations director. There are plenty of avenues for promotion here.

BUT, it requires hard work. Regus is constantly growing and improving, and consequently, changes come thick and fast. An employee cannot expect to sit back and coast their way to success here; it requires dedication, hard work and a positive attitude.

For those that display these traits, rewards come, both monetarily and in other forms. For those that do not display these traits, I would say they usually don't last so long here.

Looking forward to what I can do here!

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Masaharu Abe in Sendai, Japan

63 months ago

I am in charge of Sendai centre of Regus Japan. As you know, here Sendai is a stricken area of "the East Japan great earthquake disaster". Terrible consequence as reported on TV and in the newspaper. Two months passed since the disaster and we are doing for a Tohoku economic recovery. Through this disaster experience I appreciate a lot of support and help from company, feel joy working in this company. I explain a few details. An earthquake of magnitude 9.0 was generated at about 3:00 on the Friday afternoon March 11. We started to recover the centre from Monday, clean-up and recover IT and Telephone facilities. The company supported us 100%, we were able to reopen within two days. We were very proud of our work, which is greatly appreciated by our clients who wanted to report to their company regarding current situation, damaged and backup plan for their business. And another thing, the company supported our life. In the Sendai - Tokyo interval, all the transportation networks were intercepted. A lifeline completely stops, and there are not the supplies such as the food and water, etc. In spite of such situation, the president of Japan packed a lot of food and water into two big suitcases and carried in 8 hours from Tokyo to Sendai. We shared these with our team and clients had without reserve. We were really thankful. In addition, gas did not restore after electricity, water service restored either, and the situation that I could not have any hot water for continued. The top management of the company which heard the report arranged all the families immediately to be able to go to the hot spring. We got rid of three weeks of grime and became clean. My wife got well her chilblains and my three kids got excited Hot spring because they had a one of stressful things. So we realize how much we like to take a bath. My family put a smile back on their face. This time I had a tough experience through the earthquake disaster, but got a feeling of pride to the company which

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Akiko Suehiro in Tokyo, Japan

63 months ago

I joined Regus 5 years ago started my carrer as operation manager then moved onto Sales.
This is the first company I found that sales is very attractive job for me. Of course we feel pressure but I truly
enjoy meeting with lots of great business owners and facility managers/directors who work for Global companies
and consulting how we can help their business development.
I really appreciate Regus who gave great opportunity to skill up my sales technique and attractive career working as
Area Sales Director.

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Tony Chaidez in Miami Beach, Florida

62 months ago

I celebrated my one year anniversary with Regus in March and as an ASM, I have to say that this was a great move for me. I have a background in high level leadership positions for a couple of fortune 500 companies and I was skeptical on how this transition was going to go. With no experience in this industry, Regus took the proper steps to ensure that my onboarding was successful and that I had all of the tools needed to succeed. Add a great leadership team to the great onboarding and I was completely set up for success.

I want people to know that Regus is a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, and fun company. With a fast-paced work environment coupled with great benefits and an incredible work-life balance, I highly recommend all over achievers to apply for any open position with this great organization. You will not be disappointed.

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virtualrenzo in Florida

47 months ago

Tony, those are great words and I'm glad you are expressing them here. Not only do they show what a great company Regus is, but also your great and positive attitude. I'm sure Regus is glad to have you. I have followed your advice and applied.

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